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05/24/2012 Drugs & Thugs in Waycross GA

Here's the updated Bear Report for the City of Waycross GA, home of the Georgia Police Chief of the Year, Tony Tanner!

The latest Bear sightings, activities, and the occasional capture as the crime wave comes crashing in on the little Enema City, known as Waycross GA! 

Come with us and enjoy the fun, the frolics, the armed liberations, the beatdowns, the cuttings and the general monkey-shines  as we pay homage to the fine "church-going" people in Waycross GA.

Starting out with the following new members being nominated for full fellowship in the Waycross Curbside Pharmaceutical Association (WCPA):

Derek Washington, age 30, from Waycross, has been admitted into the PCPA (Patterson) after his arrest for felony possession of cocaine, felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, and assorted traffic charges.  Waycross residents love their export business!

Michael Handwerk, age 44, from 2184 Cherokee Street was admitted into the WCPA after his charges of sales of methamphetamine in the 1700 block of the South GA Parkway (HISTORIC Reynolds Street).

David Benjamin Thomas, age 60, from 712 Spratt Street, arrested for possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of a school, possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of public housing, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and a stop sign violation!  Only a few blocks away from the soon to be new pride and joy of Waycross, the Waycross City Auditorium, only a few blocks away from the City of Waycross Police Station, a warm welcome into the WCPA was issued to Mr. Thomas by city officials.

Michael W Murray, age 41, from 2009 Lamont Street was welcomed into the WCPA after being found with his valium and methadone pills.  After (here we go again!) the traffic stop for a red light violation, Schedule III and IV drugs were found, and bonus prizes of suspended license violation, and open container were awarded.

Donnell Shavers, age 20, from 1800 Buchanan Street, Leo Edward Gardner, age 24, from 1619 Thomas Street, along with Jacques Dante Taylor, age 21, from 904 Byrd Street all arrested and charged with possession of cocaine after (Here we go!) the traffic stop for the tag light working.  Out comes the dog, the hit, and the crack cocaine was located.  This fine trio of church-going boys were issued invitations to the WCPA and taken to the Ware County Gray Bar Hotel and Resort.

James T Shiver, age 46, from the Pine Valley Road was arrested (here we go again!) after the traffic stop because of a damaged windshield.  Found in his possession were hydrocodone pills, and WCPA membership was awarded, along with possession of Schedule II drugs, possession of drugs not in the original container, and violation of windshield requirements.  A vacation package at the Ware County Gray Bar Hotel and Resort was awarded as well.

WCPA membership soon to be awarded to a yet to be named individual for drug transacitons in the 1300 block of Myers Avenue.  Warrants and an invitation are ready!

Time to welcome our new members to the Waycross Curbside Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (WCPMA)!

Welcome to Ronald Ashley Grover, age 28, and William Nicholas Webb, age 24, from Havanna Avenue into the WCPMA!  After the traffic stop for not wearing a seat belt (idiot!), the search followed, and the meth making materials were discovered.  Another Waycross GA industry out of business!

Welcome to the WCPMA to this bunch of fine church-going folk.  We've got:  Paul Wesley Hicks, age 48, from Hortense, Anthony Daniel Batten, age 39, of Waycross, James Andrew Fowler, age 33, of Waycross, Shelly Fowler, age 34, of Waycross, and Christina Montgomery, age 26, of Waycross, all charged with manufacture and possession of meth after their meth "lab" was raided.

Congratulations and a warm welcome goes out to these new members of the Waycross Liberation Squad (WLS)!

Welcome back to the WLS Herman Gary Sweat!  This fine young 31 year old man can't seem to stop stealing his grandfathers checks and cashing them.

Shakim Tyleek Moore, age 18, from Carswell Avenue was admitted into the WLS for his March 17 liberation of a residence in the 1400 block of Moody Street.

Moving along to the pimps, ho's, deviants and stalkers, we have:

Deviant?  Perhaps, perhaps not, but most certainly a couple of pieces of human debris.  Ulysses Otis Moring, age 47, and Arnita L Moring, age 47, both from 1206 Morningside Drive were both arrested for abuse of an elderly person.  Charges include cruelty to a person over the age of 65, withholding necessary sustenance and withholding medical treatment necessary.  The abused victim was the mother of Ulysses, a 74 year old female, who was found to have been lying in urine soaked clothing and covered with bed sores.  Once again, these two church-going folks may not be deviants, but in our opinion, they are a plague on our human society and should be dealt with accordingly.

From nearby Blackshear GA, Clarence Mitchell III, age 25, has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of enticing an 11 year old child for indecent purposes. 

Another molester from nearby Blackshear GA arrested.  Gary Woodis Simmons, Jr., age 21, from the 6400 block of Hacklebarney Road is in the Ware County Jail after getting caught up in a Facebook sting.  Simmons is accused of attempting to hook up with underage females and was to meet the alleged 14 year old at a convenience store in nearby Jamestown.  After purchasing condoms and alcohol, Simmons approached the female and was issued his pervert papers by Ware County Police.

On to the thuggery, liberations, bear activity, mayhem, and general monkeyshines in Waycross!

Shootings galore in Waycross GA!  Back in the hood in the 300 block of Garlington Avenue, we had a couple of colored males shot.  Shots in the neck, shots in the arm, and shots in the leg  were given as the two males were engaged in a fight and a group of males came up and started firing on them with their handguns.  The shoota's have been identified and warrants were issued.

Aggravated assault in the Ware Manor Apartments as Phillip M Harris, age 21, from Riverside Avenue was charged with being the shoota in an assault that went on there.

Another liberation and shooting in Waycross!  Aggravated assault and armed liberation are the charges in store for the shoota at Ware Manor Apartments in Waycross.  After the blow to the face, the snatching of the necklace, came the gunshot to the arm.

Criminal damages to a vehicle parked in the 100 block of East Waring Street as a rear window was broken.

Criminal damages to a vehicle parked in the 2500 block of Dorothy Street as a couple of large rocks were blamed for the dents that were installed on the vehicle during the night.

Liberators scored a purse and necklaces from a business in the 600 block of Blackwell Street.

Jewelry liberated from a residence in the 5700 block of Henry Booth Road.

Joe Henry Harris of Walter Street in Waycross, was arrested for the altercation at Ware Manor Apartments in the 500 block of Walnut Street.  Charges include 2 counts of being a party to the crime of aggravated assault, party to the crime of armed liberation, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Assault in the 2000 block of the South GA Parkway (HISTORIC Reynolds Street) as several of the locals were coming back from a club when they were pulled over and awarded with one of those famous Waycross GA beateowns!

A lawnmower liberated from the 4800 block of Lovett Road.

Liberators visited the 400 block of Pecan Road and scored a flat screen TV, DVD player, and 2 cell phones.

A liberator that needs to have his ass whipped liberated a bird feeder from a grave in the Kettle Creek Cemetery.

A Wii game system liberated from the 600 block of Cherokee Avenue.

In the 1000 block of New Mexico Avenue, liberators kidnapped a Southland Waste trash can.

Deception in the 1500 block of Habersham Street as an internet loan has resulted in a bank account being debited and the money sent to Jamaica.

A rake and weedeater liberated from the 600 block of Ware Street.

Criminal damages to a vehicle that had been out taking care of business.  Upon returning home, a 3 foot scratch was discovered.

Liberations in the 2500 block of Firefox Lane as power tools were liberated from a shed.

Liberations in the 1100 block of Crestridge Road as computers and clothing were liberated.

Liberation by deception as a female received a package from FedEx containing a money order that she was to cash and send a portion to another person.  Of course, the money order was no good and greed is always a good teacher.

Liberation by fraud in the 1700 block of the South GA Parkway (HISTORIC Reynolds Street) as a debit card was used, and then used by someone else there a couple more times.

A misplaced debit card in the 1700 block of Memorial Drive was scored by a liberator who used the card to make online purchases.

Jewelry liberated, along with a Playstation and a wallet from a residence in the 600 block of Bay Street.

Criminal damages as a vehicle that was loaned to a "friend" came back not running correctly, and was discovered to have had syrup poured into the gas.

Leander Butler, age 21, was arrested in nearby Pierce County for driving with a suspended license.

Liberators arming up!

A gun has been liberated from the 1300 block of Grove Avenue. The female owner suspects her ex-boyfriend in the liberation.

A handgun liberated from the 1600 block of Hall Street.

The 200 block of North Anita Street was visited by liberators who scored an AK47 assault rifle and a handgun.

15 assorted guns were liberated from a location in the 1800 block of Ketterer Street.

The Waycross GA Scrap Metal Report!  Absolutely the finest examples of copper and metal theft have gone wild, cars without titles being scrapped and crushed, and the amazing way in which THOUSANDS of dollars of viable products can be “MAGICALLY” transformed into a few bucks worth of scrap metal at our local “MAGICAL” Recycling Facility in Waycross GA. 

Liberators scored copper wiring from a mobile mansion in the 2300 block of West Jackson Street.

And as always, more fun, fraud, and frolics by the bears all over town than you can shake an enema bag at.  Credit card fraud, debit card fraud, forgeries, bad checks, the fun never stops, so........

Ride the Wave!  The crime wave, crashing in on Waycross GA.

And our parting words to our readers:

Felons!  Only 214 more liberation style shopping days until Christmas, so kick in those doors, break out the sawed-off shotguns, and SHOP HARD!

Citizens!  Always remember that when seconds count, law enforcement is only minutes away.   

Waycross – Crime in Every Direction

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