Saturday, November 13, 2010

11/13/10 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

Here's your latest Bear report for the City of Waycross GA!

The latest Bear sightings, activities, and captures as the crime wave comes crashing in on Enema City, a.k.a. Waycross GA!

Starting out with the following new members being nominated for full fellowship in the Waycross Curbside Pharmaceutical Association (WCPA):

Sherri Sylvester Rios-Morales, age 45, from 1630 Smith Road admitted after her possession of Schedule IV drugs and possession of drugs not in their original container charges were awarded.

Arthur Williams Jr., age 35, has been granted full fellowship after the po-po spotted a black man weaving in out of heavy traffic with his bicycle. The odor of marijuana was smelled, the search followed, and 26 baggies of crack cocaine ready for sell were confiscated.

Michael Deshon, age 24, from Lady Bug Lane admitted after his charges of possession of a Schedule III drug and possession of drug related objects.

Soon to be granted fellowship will be Daniel Emanuel Higgins, age 22, from 2120 Illinois Avenue who led police on a car chase before bailing out with an unknown passenger. Little baggies with crack cocaine were left in the car however, so we’ll be welcoming these fine church going lads soon!

A special congratulations goes out to Michael Paul Millard, age 18, from 4592 North River Road after his arrest for possession of Schedule II drugs and drugs not in their original container at the Ware County High School! Could this be a true case of “higher” learning?

Congratulations go out to these new members of the Waycross Liberation Squad!

Lenzy Reese, Jr., aged 38, from 1269 Daniel Street has been admitted after his assorted charges of theft by receiving liberated property, driving with a suspended license, obstruction of an officer, aggravated assault, and obstruction on an outstanding warrant.

Jaalam Alijha Johnson, age 34, from 1410 Bunche Street admitted after his burglary charges where he allegedly forced open a door in the 800 block of Crescent Street and liberated a variety of items.

Jeffery Scott Drain, age 56, from 915 Baltimore Avenue, admitted into the squad after his burglary charges from the 1000 block of M Street in August.

Edith James Perkins, age 23, from 1400 Waller Street admitted after liberation by sudden snatching. Seems that she picked up a jacket and liberated the money out of the pocket. Normally, such a minor infraction would not allow entrance, but the sheer power of your brilliance is worthy.

Moving along to the pimps, ho's, deviants and stalkers, we have:

Gang rape in Waycross as a 17 year old female was allegedly raped. Charged so far in the case are:

Antonio Adriel Pratts, age 20, from 813 Holly Ross Lane – charged with rape

Tony Curtis Gibbs, age 20, from 502 Grace Drive – charged with rape

Matthew Wayne Cox, age 20, from 502 Grace Drive - charged with sexual assault

Tate Mclain Parade, age 18, from 503 Pinecone Street – charged with sexual assault

Rape reported on the south side of town. Arrested in the case is Robert Talmadge Norman, age 39, from HISTORIC 304 Lee Avenue.

On to the thuggery, liberations, bear activity, and general mayhem!

Two fine young church-going boys were admitted into the Future Felons of America Society after their charges of fleeing, obstruction, and attempting to elude were bestowed upon them by one of our fine Waycross officers. After noticing a headlight out on a vehicle, the officer tried to stop it, but the vehicle and its occupants fled the scene. At Buchanan and Fluker Streets, the vehicle was stopped and the two boys arrested. These teens also confessed to the liberation of the Jeep and utility trailer that were liberated last week, and also to the liberation of a Chevrolet Tahoe.

Three more fine young church-going boys arrested for a vehicle liberation in the 700 block of Central Avenue. The 13, 14,and 15 year old boys were spotted on Alice Street and arrested.

Another car theft, this one in the 4400 block of the Jamestown Road. Oops! This one was not actually a theft. Royal Dyal, age 28 has been arrested and charged with making a false report of a crime.

A purse and contents, including jewelry, cards, and money, liberated from the 3700 block of Kathryn Drive.

An 8x10 trailer liberated from the 600 block of Memorial Drive.

The 1400 block of Franklin Avenue has had a large assortment of jewelry liberated in the past two weeks.

In the 2400 block of Virginia Avenue, a guitar was liberated from a mobile home.

Metal pipe liberated from the 2800 block of Albany Avenue.

Liberations in the 500 block of Folks Street as a TV/VCR combo was relocated.

A stabbing in Waycross, and the arrest of Arthur Leroy Lee, age 67, from 415 Thomas Street. Thomas was arrested and charged with aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act.

A real liberator in action as a front door kicked in! This bold liberator was busy in the 700 block of James Puckett Way, liberating a checkbook, drivers license, tools, weedeater, computer, TV, sander, and cash.

Richard Williams, age 23, from 616 Sweat Street charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and driving without a seatbelt.

Two English Mastiff dogs were liberated from the 4000 block of Deerwood Drive.

More crime in the HISTORIC area of town as two air conditioner units liberated in the 300 block of Gilmore Street.

A trailer and two lawnmowers liberated from the 1600 block of Fir Street.

Pre-Christmas liberations in the 4400 block of Jamestown Road as an X-Box, games, TV, and cell phone liberated.

Thuggery in the 4000 block of South River Road as spray painted obscenities were painted on a school bus.

More thuggery as drink machine on Vickers Road pried open and the money was liberated.

And yet more thuggery as a mailbox and paperbox were damaged in the 2900 block of Devandrene Road. Another spray painting bandit at work.

Anthony Dwight Clark, age 61, charged with felony shoplifting.

Keta Amina Wingard, age 31, from nearby Blackshear arrested for felony liberations by conversion after being discovered liberating money from the cash drawer.

Felony liberations in the 600 block of McDonald Street as necklaces, braclets, rings, pendants, camcorders, a pistol, and a rifle liberated.

In the 2800 block of Albany Avenue, copper wire and galvanized pipe liberated.

Aggravated assault in the 700 block of House Street as gun threats were made and the knife came out to do some cutting.

A chain saw, weedeater and bushcutter liberated from the 3400 block of Fullford Road.

A big smoker liberated from the 1100 block of Albany Avenue.

A vehicle was recovered that been liberated from the 1400 block of Congress Street.

Liberations in the 500 block of Cherry Street as a laptop computer, 32 inch TV, and digital camera went missing.

And in other late breaking news, Michael Jackson is still dead and Marian Solomon Gaines is still a failure!

And as always, more fun, fraud, and frolics by the bears all over town than you can shake an enema bag at. Credit card fraud, debit card fraud, forgeries, bad checks, the fun never stops, so........

Come on! Ride the Wave, the Crime Wave, crashing in on Waycross GA.

And remember felons, only 41 more liberation style shopping days until Christmas, so kick in those doors, break out the sawed-off shotguns, and Shop Hard!

Waycross – Crime in Every Direction

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