Wednesday, June 2, 2010

City of Waycross Commissioner Norman Davis - Inside Please

Waycross GA Bearkeeper #1 Norman Davis, just wishes that "we didn't even open this can of worms".

Bearkeeper #1 is referring to the "transient merchant ordinance language" that is finally being discussed in the City of Waycross.

What exactly is the problem or the reason that you don't want this can of worms opened Mr. Davis?

This can of worms has been rotting on the shelf for some time now, because we have our "religious" organizations involved in business.

We've discussed it, we've pointed it out to you and the others, and it's about time that you get off of your backside and do something.

Perhaps you're not concerned because according to your job history:


Why don't you go and open up a business. Learn what it's like to have to make payroll, to pay taxes, to pay the rent and utilities, to pay for supplies, to buy workers compensation insurance, and pay all of those city, county, state, and federal taxes and fees that we all pay.

Huh? Why don't ya try it, and give your resume a little something more than the appearance of sucking off that big ole' gubmint tittee all of your life.

We have to get out and hustle to make a living. We have to worry about expenses.

We do not have the luxury of raising taxes.

Ignore this issue at your own peril.

And by the way Bearkeeper #2 Simmons, and Bearkeeper #3 Gaines, step aside and step down for this discussion, for you have conflicts of interest.

Waycross - Home of the Jesus Fried Chicken.


  1. WooHoo! Preach it Profit Fart. Tell it like it is.

  2. Norman Davis ,what a limp noodle this bozo turned out to be.

    Norman has less backbone than a worm.Norman has never workd at a JOB that produced a product or service,just at the trough of the government that we taxpayers have to keep filled.

    The years of "PUBLIC SERVICE" he is so proud of havent given his cranium much of a workout.

    WAY TO GO YOU WEENIE,you and LOUD MOUTH GAINES make such a cute couple.

  3. Your're right Mr. John Summerlin. Everything you say is right.

  4. no the way how i feel about this is god created all us one no matter what the color is no matter what shape or size you are because upon god eye we are ALL AS ONE come together people and help one another .. this 2010 not 1900's. we are all equal

  5. Huh? What on earth does color, shape, or size have to do with any of this? We're speaking of business matters here, and how Bearkeeper Davis will not support the business ventures that pay taxes to the City of Waycross.

  6. Dear Old Fart,
    Commissioner Norman Davis is one of the most intelligent businessmen in the city of Waycross, Ga.
    Have you ever taken the time to read his most impressive resume? I have, instead of critizing someone who is trying to help bring the city of Waycross up, jump on the bandwagon and let's try to make Waycross a better place to live.
    If you're going to stand around with your thumb in your mouth and critize, why don't you just leave and go somewhere else with your negative mouth?
    We don't need it in Waycross, we need positive thinkers, to move this city forward.
    Yes, Commissioner Davis is number One in my book, because we all voted for him.
    Old fart, you are a farting frog.

  7. Anonymous,you must have been smoking some wacky weed.Most impressive resume?? surley you jest, he has never worked a day in his life,the only thing he has ever done is work at the public feeding trough.

    You say OLD FART has his thumb in his mouth ,well MR. Davis you have your head up your hind end.

    We need Old Fart and more like him,he is only tryin to point out the problems we have here,he even had a whole month of ideas to improve the quality of our lives here,DID YOU READ THEM????????????? If you did you must not have understood what he was telling you.

    Comissioner Davis #1 ,hahahahahahahah

    I hope OLD FART never quits or idenity is ever found out.

  8. I must admit that I am confused, for I do not see anything on his "impressive" resume that would lead me to think that he has ever been in business.

    The "impressive" resume is one gubmint tittee after another, all paid for by my taxpaying dollars.

    Enlighten this old fool with your wisdom.....

  9. And, while we're here commenting:

    To this anonymous poster:

    Anonymous said...
    Your're right Mr. John Summerlin. Everything you say is right.

    If you were only half as smart as you think you are, you would be brilliant.

  10. we are not a bearkeeper we are afircan americans so dont label afican americans as bear keeper i take that as a insult and by the way comissioner davis is my grand daddy and its nothing wrong with him he had plenty of jobs more than wat you can even count on so get your facts straight beboe you try to bring a sucessful black man down

  11. Anonymous said...
    we are not a bearkeeper we are afircan americans so dont label afican americans as bear keeper i take that as a insult

    Sombody has their panties in a wad today!

    You are not a bearkeeper unless you are a city commissioner,so you are a city commissioner or is your name Smokey?

    I was born in the middle of the Okefenokee Swamp,does that make me a Okefenokee American??
    What part of Africa were you born?

    If you look at Old Farts earlir post you will see some PALE comissioners are also Bear Keepers.

    Grow a thick skin,we all need that in life, listen to older folks and try to act like you give a hoot and lets turn Waycross around before it crumbles at our feet.

  12. Misconception mania rules again. To the "afircan" American who appears to have taken offense, let's set the record straight.

    First, "afircan" should be spelled African.

    Second, it would be impossible for you to be a bearkeeper unless YOU are a member of the Waycross City Commission and Bearkeepers Association.

    Third, this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with race. African Americans have not been labeled as anything, for race has nothing what-so-ever to do with this commentary.

    If you are an "afircan american" as you state, at least learn to spell it right. But..... don't try to throw that race card out. From the Mayor of Waycross GA to the President of the United States, we have elected Americans of color to the highest offices in the land.

    Old Fart refuses to use the term African-American, just as he refuses to use the term Mexican-American, German-American, or whatever else someone may call themselves.

    We're AMERICANS! Unless you are an citizen of Africa, you are an AMERICAN. Get that into your head and quit trying to use your "afircan" race as an excuse.

    And, if Bearkeeper/Commissioner Davis is your grandfather, he needs to take you out to the woodshed and spank your ass for not learning how to spell or use proper language while you were in school.

    If you are not part of the solution, you are the problem.

  13. no sorry it was a typo first of all i do know how to spell and i do have a education and you guys lable bear keepers as afican americans in low incomes area and with gangs its also stated that it says bear keepers bring busuness down because of gangs and drugs. its clearly stated that a bear keeper is a african american i can read in between the lines but its cool though

  14. I wonder how the 2 caucasion bearkeepers on the City Commission feel about that?

    Once again, there is nothing about this that has to do with race. Go back to the original post and look at the signs that are exhibited by bears and you'll see how it compares to many of the citizens of Waycross GA.