Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grand Opening for the Bailey Street Pool in Waycross GA!

Grand Opening for the Bailey Street Pool in Waycross GA!

Bailey Street Park.

Home of the Bears.

Home of the violent Bears.

Home of Gangland Activity.

Now home to the pool that we’re all going to send our kids too!

Right. We’re still laughing about that.

We’re going to have a huge summer celebration this evening as all of our local people of importance arrive at the grand opening ceremony this evening at 7:00 pm, and every day from noon until six Tuesday through Saturday will be wonderful in waycross.

Public admission to this wonderful facility will be $1.00.

Lifeguards will be available, the facility will be closed Sunday & Monday and will not be available for rent.

Security inside and outside and a certified pool operator will be on hand.

Rod Mitchell, Ware County Rec Department director has stated that “if anyone misbehaves, he will be asked to leave”. This is going to get very interesting.

Now that we have this dream, this pool, this celebration of Waycross, we’re going to be having children from far and wide come to Waycross. Children from all of South Georgia are coming to this new and wonderful facility located right here in bear country.

We’ll be back more commentary on this one soon. This one’s going to be very interesting.

Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars spent to get it into a condition in which it can be used is only going to be the tip of the iceberg.

That big sucking sound that you hear? That's going to be Waycross and Ware County tax dollars going right down the drain.

The Waycross GA Blog wishes for the Bailey Street Pool to be a success, however it just is not destined to be.

The Profit Old Fart has spoken.

Waycross – Land of those that Flee and the Home of the Bear.

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