Tuesday, March 23, 2010

03/23/10 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

Ride the Wave! Join us as the crime wave continues to crash in on Waycross GA. Join in the fun, the frolics, the armed robberies, and more as we pay homage to these fine church-going individuals!

In the arson division, Kelly Marie Hill, age 26, has been charged for the March 10 incident in which she allegedly set fire to her apartment at Central Park Apartments at 1000 Central Avenue in Waycross GA.

On to the drugs!

Willie Thomas III, age 28, from 1500 BLACKWELL STREET, has been arrested and charged with possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of a housing authority, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and criminal trespass.

Daniel Lashard Godwin, age 25, from 305 Butler Street has been charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of crack cocaine, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Daniel was stopped by the popo for riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the road when all of the goodies were found.

Lisa M. Avant, age 47, from Ambrose Street has been charged with possession of crack cocaine and giving a false name.

Akeem Kwame Wallace, age 19 from nearby Screven GA was at the pride and joy of Waycross, OAK STREET, peddling his wares when a friendly neighborhood City of Waycross Police officer awarded him with assorted charges like possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of crack cocaine, and possession of marijuana. They come from far and wide to set up shop and do business on HISTORIC OAK STREET in Waycross GA. We’re so proud!

Another fine salesman was awarded charges for his work on HISTORIC OAK STREET IN Waycross GA. Marquise Scott, age 22, from nearby Jane Street was at the corner of OAK STREET and FOLK STREET when an officer responding to a fight call smelled the herb of the vine aroma wafting from a car. The K9 critter helped with the discovery of cocaine, marijuana, scales, and crack cocaine. Just another fine day on HISTORIC OAK STREET in wonderful Waycross GA.

Javone Wendell Godwin, age 20, from 315 Archer Street has been blessed with his rewards for his fine work in the 600 block of HISTORIC OAK STREET too! Javone was doing such fine work as obstructing an officer, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of crack cocaine, possession of marijuana, and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Javone was also introduced to the business end of a taser gun for the enjoyment of all around. Great job Javone and great job City of Waycross Police Department!

William R. Nichols, age 23, from 139 Rowell Road in nearby Patterson GA has been arrested after presenting what appeared to be a forged script for Oxycodone.

Burglary in the 100 block of Central Avenue as a Dell computer was liberated from an apartment.

In the 1300 block of ELIZABETH STREET, we have a GPS system liberated from a 2004 Ford Truck.

More crime in the 1000 block of Central Avenue as a cell phone was liberated from a 1994 Toyota Camry.

Criminal trespass was the crime in the 3400 block of Albany Avenue as tires were punctured on a 2007 Chevrolet truck.

Another member of the Waycross Liberation Squad is armed after the liberation of a 380 caliber handgun from a vehicle parked in the 1300 block of Fluker Street.

Liberations in the 3000 block of Memorial Drive as car stereos, speakers, amplifiers, and tools were liberated from vehicles parked at a local business.

Cigars, CDs, and papers were liberated from a 1999 Chevrolet parked in the 800 block of Sweat Street.

On Union Street, a Nissan was broken into and a Toshiba laptop, iPod and Garmin GPS were liberated.

In the 300 block of Cherokee Avenue, a satellite radio and CDs were liberated from a parked vehicle.

In the 3300 block of the Swamp Road, a red and black boys bicycle has been liberated.

Criminal damages in the 3800 block of Scapa Dryer Road as a 2005 Ford Explorer was keyed.

Metal was liberated in the 7400 block of the Old Nicholls Road.

A trash can was liberated from the 4200 block of Gloria Avenue.

More liberations in the 500 block of Kenwood Drive as a computer system, cash and coins, along with CDs were liberated from a Mazda and Buick.

A warm welcome and an official invitation have been extended for several of our fine citizens to join the Waycross Liberation Squad!

Rodney O’hara Jr., age 20, from 607 OWENS STREET, and Monterio J. O’Hara, age 22, from 2014 TEBEAU STREET were issued invitations. Both of these fine, church going youths have been welcomed into the Waycross Liberation Squad after being presented with their armed robbery charges. Congrats to both of you! We hope that your induction ceremony will be held at a local, state, or federal prison and the ceremony lasts at least 25 years for each of you.

Travis Anderson, age 25, from 1614 Wardlaw Street has also been invited to join the Squad for his excellent work in the armed robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm charges.

Jason Daniel Kratochvil, age 20, from Two End Road has been issued an invitation to join the Squad after his charges involving the liberating of a propane cylinder from a residence on the Alma Highway.

No soup for you!

Tiffany Blue, age 22, from 301 GARLINGTON AVENUE is not being invited to the Waycross Liberation Squad. Tiffany was arrested and charged with financial transaction card fraud. You’re going to need to kick in a door or get a sawed-off shotgun if you want to join the squad Tiffany!

Laura Ann Bell, age 30 of Waycross has been charged with theft by deception after giving unauthorized discounts to customers at the store in which she was an employee. Sorry Laura, you don’t even get a gold star for this. Better luck next time!

And as always, we have the usual theft and fraud along with fraud and theft running rampant in Waycross GA.

Ride the wave!

Waycross. Crime in every direction.


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