Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bailey Street Pool in Waycross GA

Here we go again! Big talk about the Bailey Street pool to be open this spring. All it took to get to this point so far is over 100 thousand of your taxpaying dollars + even more in private donations.

Yes, you read that right. Over $100,000.00.

Emory Marcus (aka Big O) has been spearheading this project for several years and has stated that “all of Ware County and nearby communities will enjoy the comfort, security, and enjoyment that the summer will bring”.

Come on now….. let’s tell the story like it really is. We’ve got a defunct pool that is having mega-bucks spent on it. A pool that is located right in the middle of Bailey Heights. A pool that is located in an area that has already seen the Bailey Heights housing projects shut down and boarded up. A pool that is located in an area with gang tagging all around.

And we should honestly believe the hype of “all of Ware County and nearby communities” coming to enjoy the pool?

Why don’t we call it like for what it is. This pool is nothing different than the indoor basketball that is being provided by the city. Something to try to keep the youths out of trouble. Something to try to keep the local youths out of trouble.

This pool is not for Ware County and surrounding areas. This pool is for inner-city Waycross youths.

While we hope that it works out well, we remain skeptical of the outcome. A city run pool is going to create a lot of liability that the taxpayers of this city should not have to bear. Who is providing lifeguards, who is providing insurance, who is providing security?

Security is going to be a big concern for this pool. The City of Waycross has a choice. Provide security via City of Waycross Police Officers and keep security tight, or be lax and let this become just another of the many places in inner-city Waycross GA that is a haven for drug dealing, gang activity, prostitution, and 8 am cold beer.

What’s it going to be City of Waycross? You’re creating this monster. Let’s see how you deal with it.

And by the way, do you know just how expensive it is to keep up and maintain a pool? That 100+ thousand dollars is cheap when compared to the operating costs that it will take.

City of Wayross. Tax, Tax, Tax. We’ve got your number…..

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