Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12/30/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

Crime, drugs, and thuggery take no vacation just because it’s the holiday season! Get on your bathing suit and come on in as the crime wave continues to crash in on Waycross GA.

Let’s start out with the activities of assorted unknown members of the Waycross Liberation Squad:

Burglary in the 700 block of Riverside Avenue as liberators removed a cash register and contents from a local business. This was discovered while City of Waycross Police were in the same area investigating a previous burglary and found this front door broken.

Armed robbery in the 300 block of GARLINGTON AVENUE, as a man reported that two colored men knocked on his apartment door a robbed him using a sawed-off shotgun.

More Christmas goodies liberated from a house in the 1300 block of Riverside Avenue as a wireless router, printer, computer, flat screen tv, and other electronics were liberated. Merry Christmas!

A nice Christmas package liberated from the 1600 block of Camellia Drive in the Cherokee Heights neighborhood. A shiny laptop computer, play station, prescription drugs and more were just in time for Christmas.

The 2100 block of Tebeau Street was the location of a jewelry liberation. The person living in that home allowed someone to stay there overnight and behold, the jewelry went missing. Can you say pawn shop?

And in the 1900 block of the SOUTH GEORGIA PARKWAY, we have the liberation of a 50 foot long trailer that had assorted property stored inside. Note – a 50 foot trailer. And you want to be that nobody saw nothing?

In the 600 block of WARE STREET, handbags and personal items were liberated.

Once again, on OAK STREET, in the 1100 block, we have another liberation as a purse and contents were lifted from a 1990 Chevrolet.

In the 500 block of Cherokee Drive, we have the liberation of a Craftsman push mower. Look for this one in the pawn shop boys. Liberators are not going to push a lawnmower.

And yet another gun liberated, this time a .380 handgun that was liberated from a house in the 1300 block of Poller Street.

A wallet and money were liberated from a 2003 Cadillac that was parked in the 1100 block of HJ Echols Drive while the victim was in Sunday School.

Jewelry was liberated from the 3300 block of the Swamp Road. It is believed that an acquaintance took the items and pawned them. Can you just say meth?

We have some new members that have officially been admitted into the Waycross Liberation Squad!

Eugene Norris, age 49, from 1001 Darling Avenue has been granted full admittance after being charged with entering a vehicle. Norris was spotted trying to enter a car in the 900 block of OAK STREET.

Ashley Elizabeth Jones, age 26, from 723 HURLEY STREET has been given a gold star for felony theft by conversion.

Jeffery Antonio McInnis, age 30, from Athens GA has been given a gold star for his charges of forgery. Just goes to show that criminals from far and wide come to Waycross GA to do business!

Timothy King, age 31, from Fitzgerald GA has been given a gold star for 3 counts of executing checks with fictitious information. King is now staying at the Ware County Sheriff Department’s hotel thanks to the gracious people of Ware county.

Mark Miles, age 42, from 2621 Winchester Road, has been given a gold star for his forgery charges.

Two boys under the age of 16 have been arrested and charged with burglary and possession of tolls for the commission of a crime. These fine young Future Felons of America were charged with entering a business in the 500 block of Washington Avenue. Sorry boys, you must be at least 18 to be granted admission into the Waycross Liberation Squad!

In the drugs and death department, we have Desmond Winkfield, age 37, from Waycross that was making his marijuana run to/from Jacksonville Florida. Winkfield decided to run after being stopped in a roadblock that was set up north of Folkston GA. He sped away, being chased by the Georgia State Patrol, and flipped his SUV during the chase. Winkfield was ejected and killed.

Darell Kenneth Pope, age 26, from 710 Thomas Street has been arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, expired tag, no proof of insurance, giving a false name, and open container. A traffic stop at GARLINGTON AVENUE and the SOUTH GEORGIA PARKWAY by Waycross Police resulted in this arrest. Also arrested and charged with possession of marijuana were his three homeboys, Dwight Eugene Charles, age 28, from 1401 Dorris Street, Willie E. Johnson III, age 29 from 515 PENDERGAST STREET, and Walter Lee McKelvin, Jr., age 27, from 1003 Glenmore Avenue. 515 PENDERGAST STREET? Hmmmmm… was this one of the fine young bidnezzmen that work in that area?

In the stupid department we have:

Daniel James White, age 30, from Blue Jay Loop in Hoboken charged with following too closely, no proof of insurance, and hit and run.

Sharon Denise Ware, age 41, from 1010 Jones Street was arrested as a domestic dispute turned into a stabbing attack on MLK Drive. The victim had a stab wound in the chest and was to be transported to another hospital out of Waycross. Police have identified a suspect.

Troy Williams, age 56, from Thomas Street in Waycross GA, charged with aggravated stalking and sent to Ware County Jail for 3 hots and a cot.

And a “liberation” that we’re placing in the stupid department, we have prescription pills that were “liberated” from a 2000 Lincoln parked in the 1000 block of Johanna Street. Sure. We believe you.

And last but not least, we have the too tragic for words to describe section of this blog. A tragedy in nearby Blackshear as 2 year old child, Logan Brice Branson, son of Ashley Burney and Steven Branson died from injuries suffered in an accident in the Sandy Bottom area of Pierce County. Regardless of the circumstances, our sympathy goes out to all involved.

We’ll be back next year to keep you posted on the fun and frolics going on in Waycross GA. Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from

Merry Christmas to all.

We'll be back in a few days to report in on the final days of Pre-Christmas shopping by the Waycross Liberators, and the antics that are sure to follow that wonderful day of Christmas.

The hour is close at hand where Pre-Christmas liberations will close, and the Christmas day liberations will begin. Won't be any days taken off for the holidays, because these few days is when the gitting is good!

As always, we wish for each of you the best. Keep the wimmins and children locked up tight, and the deadbolts latched. Lock down the guns and hide the jewelry, cash, and gold.

The Waycross Liberation Squad will be coming to visit a home near you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fame & Shame in Waycross GA

Once again, it's time to report on the "Non-Profits" in Waycross GA.

In the hall of fame, we are proud to present:

New Life Assembly of God, from 2191 Golf Course Road. Free clothing is being offered.

The Jamestown United Methodist Church. Offering a living nativity scene, and giving away wassail, hot chocolate, and coffee at no charge.

O'Mara's V-Twin, Dicks's Wings, Ryan's, Tire Kingdom, Shoney's, Southland Waste, KD's, and Papa John's Pizza, for setting up collection barrels for donations of presents going to the Salvation Army.

The Family Worship Center on 631 Izlar Street is having a free Christmas Eve dinner and is giving away free clothing. Good job!

In the hall of shame, we are not so pleased to present:

The First United Methodist Church. Once again, you're getting listed for your mens breakfast, in which you have a charge for the meal. (You're in business. Get a license and follow the rules!)

The Dwelling Place. While we believe that distribution of food, clothes, and other items is great, you're asking for a $5.00 donation at the same time to help with restocking and truck expense. When you set a price, it's not a donation. It's called running a business. If you want to solicit donations, set up the mason jar or collection plate and let people do it because they want to. Not because you require it.

12/22/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

Ho-Ho-Ho and hang on to your Santa hats as the crime wave escalates into the Christmas Season. Members of the Waycross Liberation Squad are out in full force doing their Christmas shopping at your home, so be careful. Lock up the wimmin and children and hide all the presents, for your house could be next stop on the shopping list!

Christmas shopping activities this year include:

A 30" Magnavox TV set, an X-Box with games, and a space heater liberated from the 2400 block of Minnesota Avenue.

Two mechanical lit wicker reindeer outside ornaments liberated from the 300 block of Community Drive,

Money, jewelry, and women's items liberated from the 1200 block of CARSWELL AVENUE.

Jewelry and a piggy bank from the 1500 block of Bethune Street.

More Christmas goodies coming from the 500 block of Perham Street, as a Star Trek pez dispenser, electronics, and toys were liberated.

Christmas shopping money was liberated from a 1999 Nissan that was parked in the 1600 block of Plant Avenue.

Pool cues were liberated from the 300 block of Quarterman Street.

More gun thefts. This time, in the 600 block of Bob Street as a number of guns were liberated.

A John Deere tractor was liberated from Burgess Street. It was found parked in the middle of BLACKWELL STREET.

A complete Christmas gift package was liberated from the 900 block of G STREET, with liberators filling their shopping list of personal electronics, televisions, phone, microwave, and more.

And the law might not get this liberator, but God certainly will. A lock box and filing cabinet were liberated from a church in the 600 block of BLACKWELL STREET.

The cash register and money were liberated from a business in the 700 block of State Street.

A flat screen TV and DVD player are Christmas gifts for unknown liberators after being liberated from a house in the 1800 block of Rhoda Street.

An honorable mention goes out to George Lawton, age 46, from 1003 CARSWELL AVENUE, for his charges of financial transaction card theft and financial transaction card fraud. Sorry George, you've got to kick in a door to be a full fledged member of the Waycross Liberation Squad.

Another honorable mention goes out to Heyward Goodwin, age 52, from 1418 Rockefeller Street for his arrest and charges for forgery. A gold star for you!

And as always, fraud, credit card thefts, bad checks, and general mayhem abound during this holiday season.

In the drug department, we have these fine specimens of humanity:

Avery Smithson, age 26, from Barner Lane.
Stephanie Oakley, age 18, from 3180 Carswell Road.
Devan Morgan, age 18, from 3180 Carswell Road.
Stanley McClendon, age 19, from 1338 Paschall Road.
These fine citizens have all been charged with possession of cocaine, crack cocaine, and marijuana after a traffic stop at the intersection of CARSWELL AVENUE and Columbus Street.

Jared Robinson, age 21, from nearby Alma had set up shop at the Super 8 Motel in Waycross. A search warrant was obtained and we have possession of crack cocaine, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana. Your new motel won't cost you anything Jared!

Scott Rhoden, age 31, from Dixie Road was arrested and charged with fraudulently obtaining a controlled substance.

Now, moving on to the drunks!

Stephen Lee Sweat, age 50, from nearby Millwood has been arrested and charged with DUI - Commercial Vehicle, and a stop sign violation after wrecking his Freightliner truck on Cherokee Street. Sweat left over 150 feet of skid marks on the highway, and an untold number of skid marks in his shorts.

And as always, there are the idiots.

Brass knuckles were involved in the fight, so when the victim went to the hospital, he found his jaw broken in three places. Aggravated battery charges will be in order.

More stalking, this time at the intersection of State Street and MCDONALD STREET.

Aggravated assault when a vehicle was run off the road in the 300 block of GARLINGTON AVENUE. Waycross Police have not released further information.

Criminal damage charges go out to Whitney Amber Collins, age 24, from Blount Road. Whitney was charged with criminal damage under the Family Violence Act for causing damage to a Nissan Sentra parked at Magnolia Court apartments.

Hang on tight Waycross! Only 2 more liberation style shopping days before Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Question for Waycross GA Subjects and Commissioner Solomon-Gaines

Here is the question posed by City of Waycross Commissioner Solomon-Gaines for the City of Waycross Ga residents:

Why are some people concerned about how much membership in OADA will cost the City of Waycross?

Here's the question that the Waycross GA blog has for Commissioner Solomon-Gaines:

When are you going to tender your resignation?

Ware County Commissioner Kathy Davis - Absolutely Not!

The Waycross GA blog would like to commend Ware County Commissioner Kathy Davis for her vote of Absolutely Not for the $137,600.00 vote to spend more money on the Bailey Heights swimming pool.

This boon-doggle project has been in the works for the past several years with over $30,000.00 being raised and spent by private citizens, and now Ware County has voted to spend $137,000.00 more on it.

Commissioner Carlos Nelson has stated that that "this bid came in way under budget".

Commissioner Kathy Davis asked the question of "how can we put in a pool and maintain it property in this current economic climate"?

Here ye, here ye! Commissioner Davis asked a question that just makes too much sense. The answer to this one is just too difficult for elected officials to understand.

The simple answer for elected officials is that the SPLOST money is going to pay for it.

The simple answer from the Waycross GA blog is?

We can't.

Repairing and getting the pool to an operating condition is only part of the dollars that will be spent. Once it gets operational (IF it ever does), then there is a 365 day per year cost to maintain it.

The pocketbooks of our local subjects just can't afford it.

Anyone else ready to move to Pierce and Brantley County now?

12/17/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

Ho-Ho-Ho! It's getting close to Christmas time and liberators are getting theirs while you're working for yours!

Let's start out by congratulating our new liberators!

Christopher Connan Bateman, age 28, for his full fledged membership in the Waycross Liberation Squad! Mr. Bateman has been arrested for multiple burglaries that have taken place in the rural areas of Ware County.

James Arther Hill, age 27, from 909 Gilmore Avenue has been arrested and charged with various liberations around the area.

Daryl Van Clark, age 20, has been admitted with full membership to the Waycross Liberation Squad for his charges of burglary, entering an auto, and obstruction of an officer. A 16 year old boy was also arrested along with Clark, but due to his age, he will not be granted admittance. The 16 year old boy is under consideration for membership in the Waycross GA Chapter of the FFA (Future Felons of America) at this time.

In other news of area liberations, we have:

Burglary in the E.C. White Lane, where gold rings were liberated from a home. One of the gold rings even had "MOM" engraved inside. Ain't that just so sweet?

A computer and monitor were liberated from an apartment in the 500 block of WALNUT STREET.

Car theft in the 1000 block of EADS STREET as a silver Chevrolet Aveo was liberated. Seems like an argument in GARLINGTON HEIGHTS was involved somewhere in this soap opera style liberation.

Fred Voigt Road had a home visited by now well armed liberators. This heist included pistols, rifles, and shotguns of various brands and calibers.

Another firearm liberated, this time in the 1100 block of GILMORE STREET from an Isuzu Rodeo parked at a residence.

Another burglary on NAOMI STREET, this time in the 900 block, as another handgun liberated, along with money.

Franklin Avenue, in the Cherokee Heights neighborhood, had a liberation in the 1700 block, in which a watch, necklace, and money were liberated.

Dog fencing wire was liberated from the 6300 block of the Valdosta Highway.

Computers, jewelry, and game consoles were early Christmas gifts for liberators that helped themselves to them from a home in the 1400 block of Bethune Street.

In the 2600 block of Albany Avenue, a lock was cut on a storage unit and liberated was a sofa and love seat, oven, mirror, bookshelf, and television. A complete living room set for mama for Christmas!

And in the 1300 block of Sweat Street, an un-needed air compressor was liberated from the rear of a business located there.

And again, as always, fraud, financial card fraud, and bad checks galore. Merry Christmas Waycross merchants!

In the drug department, we have Daniel Goins, age 20, arrested for possession of crack cocaine, driving with a suspended license, and speeding.

Other area participants in this blog are:

Ashley Monique Presley, age 24, from 500 WALNUT STREET, Apartment E-5, who joins our ranks with the aggravated battery under the Family Violence Act and cruelty to a child charges. Seems that Ashley Monique "jumped" her boyfriend and beat him. Hell hath no fury like a woman.......

Pharmacy fraud in the 700 block of Riverside Drive as a female presented a prescription from a doctor that had been altered.

A peeping-tom was reported in the 1200 block of Riverside Drive.

And not to be left out, nearby Homerville GA had a citizen arrested for murder. Shane Edward Burns, age 21, from Homerville, was arrested for the murder of a Daytona Beach FL resident

OK Waycross Liberation Squad Members - only 7 more liberation style shopping days left for Christmas! Make sure that you get that X-box for your child, that ring for your mama, and that new flat screen for your special loved one. If you look hard enough, you can already find them wrapped and under (someone else's) a tree. Kick in them doors and shop hard. Time is getting short for those last minute gifts.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time to Tax!

Say it ain't so Waycross Police Department. We have a local business, A Touch of Love, raffling off two prom gowns.

The cause is good, raising money for Jenny McMillian who has lymphoma. The thought is good, and the money is good.

But......... we have a "for-profit" business involved in a raffle.

Did our Sheriff issue a permit for this?

If so, I think the Waycross GA blog is going to start holding a raffle every couple of weeks too.

Someone's got to pay for this bandwidth.

Archie Edward Bennett Jr. Guilty of Murder!

Archie Edward Bennett, Jr. from nearby Blackshear GA has been convicted of murder in the September 5, 2008 killing of his ex-wife, Shirley Bennett.

Bennett was sentenced to life for the felony murder, 20 years for the arson charge, and 10 years for concealing the death of another.

Chief Superior Court Judge Dwayne Gillis was in charge of the proceedings.

And by the way, Bennett's lawyer was the famous John Thigpen of Blackshear. All of the drama and all of the showboat didn't save Bennett.

John's records of wins ain't so good. He won't be calling the Blackshear Times to announce his victory on this one.

12/12/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

Christmas is coming, there are presents for all! As the crime wave rolls into Waycross GA, we have these fine specimens of humanity spreading the joy.

Randall Dwight Wilson, age 27, from 706 St. Marys Drive in the Cherokee Heights neighborhood has been arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Once again, another felon, an armed felon, and walking around freely to prey on the citizens of Waycross GA.

A 42 inch TV and jewelry were early Christmas gifts for some members of the Waycross Liberation Squad when they picked them up early from a house in the 600 block of Summit Street.

Liberators were foiled in the 2200 block of 16th Street by a well-secured door. Sounds like deadbolts were the hero of the day!

In the drug department, we have:

Charles Lee Porter, age 29, from 1284 Highway 84 in nearby Blackshear. Porter was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and a suspended license. Hey Charles - you don't mess with the City of Waycross police. They love them traffic stops!

Only a minor update today. We'll be back soon to bring you the latest and greatest from the Waycross GA scene. Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crime Prevention Tips in Waycross GA

Everyone needs to read Page 9 of the Wednesday, December 9th, Waycross Journel-Herald. We have an excellent article written by Kathy Durrance of the Waycross Police Department.

Many tips on how to stay save can be had from this. Things about shopping before dark, keep your vehicle doors locked, avoid carrying large amounts of cash, stay alert, lock your doors and windows.

All good tips. Everything mentioned in this article should be done to help with your safety.

We have an additional tip for those living in this crime ridden city:


Christmas in Waycross GA

It's the wonderful Christmas season in Waycross GA. Time to celebrate the spirit of spending more than you can afford, buying useless junk, and generally making an ass of yourself at Wally-World.

The television set is screaming at you, the radio is whispering in your ear, and sale flyers abound, stuffing every paper, flyer, and magazine that is published. All of these things telling you about the so many "must have" gifts.

Here's some of the words and phrases that I love, telling me everything I need to know about "The Holiday Season"

Must have
More value
More Christmas
No payments
No interest
Big savings
Shop Your Way
Dreamy Prices
Give Together
Great Prices
Extra Savings
Thrill Them
Instant Savings
Unbeatable Prices
Save Money
Live Better
Hottest Prices
Bonus Deals
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Shopping Made Simple
Big Joy / Little Price
Find your Joy & Save
Share the Joy
Free Gift
As Seen on TV
Easy Ways to Buy
Double Savings
Gift Card
One Stop Shopping
More Value
Limited Time
Last Chance
Lowest Price of the Season
Best Value
Only 7 Days to Save
Extended Hours
Open Early
Powerful Deals
Best Values
Why Wait
Special Value
New Lower Price
Great Values
Zero Monthly Payments
Spend Less
Find Everything
Your Choice

And not to be left out, we have a few politically correct establishments telling me Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Our Lady of Guadalupe and more.

So to sum it up, this is the season to spend everything you have, finance the rest of your life away, and get all of those special value low priced my choice investments during this limited time thrill seeking cozy as seen on tv time of the year.

I don't think that we fit in with the happy go lucky, jumping for joy masses that we see on tv. I don't think that I will even attempt to act like them. I think I'll just refuse to participate in the season that the media and markets have presented to me.

Most of the masses will choose to participate however, and never understand just how much they are being manipulated by others. In my less than official scientific survey, the results were that 99% of the American population do not have a thought in their head that did not come from television......

I think I'll pass. Good family, good food, and to remember why we share the season is all I need.

Merry Christmas to all and lock it down tight.

12/10/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

As the holiday season approaches, the crime wave crashes in on Waycross GA. Here's the latest fun and frolics by the locals!

Burglary in the 600 block of FOLKS STREET as a house was entered and ransacked. It is not certain if anything is missing yet.

The 2100 block of Hilliard Avenue had a DuroPower generator liberated.

The 1900 block of Sinclair Street had a computer, 36 inch tv, a dvd stereo system, and a dvd collection liberated.

In the 700 block of Reynolds Street, an amplifier was liberated from a 1999 Ford Truck.

Money was liberated from a 1997 GMC parked in the 900 block of J Street.

In the 600 block of WALNUT STREET, we have the liberation of a 1997 Accura.

And still more liberations on Carswell Avenue, this time in the 1600 block, where jewelry was liberated.

The 1000 block of ROOSEVELT STREET had a dvd player liberated by a liberator who gained entrance by throwing a brick through the window.

And still more liberations going on in the crime ridden ELIZABETH STREET in Waycross. Once again, more fun in the 900 block of ELIZABETH STREET (home of the world famous "horseshoe"), as a window a/c unit was removed and homemade cds and dvds were liberated.

More liberations on FOLKS STREET, as a business in the 400 block was entered and money was liberated.

And yet another gun liberated, this time from the 3800 block of Carswell Avenue.

In the 1700 block of MARTIN LUTHER KING DRIVE, we have the liberation of a cd stereo, cds, and a .45 caliber pistol.

Off of the Valdosta Highway, a gate was liberated at the entrance to a hunting club.

In the 700 block of St. Marys Drive in the Cherokee Heights neighborhood, two fine young felons applied for membership to the Waycross Liberation Squad. Prince Henry, age 18, from 911 Cedar Street, and a 16 year old minor were arrested for staling hubcaps. Henry was charged with theft, obstruction, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, loitering, prowling, possession of burglar tools, and criminal trespass. Good job Henry. It's great to get your membership card as soon as you turn legal!

Joshua William Thomas, age 23, from Satilla Circle in Blackshear, has officially been admitted to the Waycross Liberation Squad. Mr. Thomas was arrested for liberating a Toyota Camry from a Spurgeon Street house, along with all of those other minor charges like running a meth lab, fleeing, resisting arrest, etc. Mr. Thomas had even pointed a gun at police officers. This is one lucky man. He's still alive....

In the druggie department, Bobby Marks, age 45, from 4021 Memorial Drive was arrested after a traffic stop. Suspended license charges and possession of crack cocaine was his prize.

In the sicko department, we have Henry Vernon Allen, age 49, from Jesup GA arrested for aggravated sodomy that happened in the City of Waycross.

We also have terroristic threats going on in the 2300 block of Memorial Drive. A shotgun pointed at someones head was involved in this one.

And another fine young felon, Erric Green, age 20, from 413 THOMAS STREET, was arrested on a felony fugitive warrant.

And as always, more fun fraud, identify theft, illegal credit card transactions, debit card fraud, counterfeiting, and more! Welcome to Waycross GA.

Waycross GA Votes Again to Join OADA

The votes are in. The City of Waycross Commissioners have voted and the results are 3 to join, 1 not to join the Okefenokee Area Development Authority.

Commissioner Danny Yarbrough abstained from voting this time due to the "perceived" conflict of interests due to him selling the OADA a lot of supplies.

So this is twice that the commissioners have voted. Same results both times, except we have 1 less vote in favor of this because Yarbrough abstained.

So this is twice that the commissioners have voted on joining something that they still do not know the cost for joining.

Attention Commissioner Diane Hopkins! Thank you for having the common sense and the guts to vote no. You have stated that you are not against joining the OADA, but can not vote for joining without accounting for the cost. We at the Waycross GA blog are not against joining either, but agree that cost must be a consideration.

Finally - a City Commissioner that has some common sense.

What about the rest of you? Well? We're waiting on an answer?

Why could you or would you vote for ANYTHING that you don't know the cost of? Why?

I think I know the reason why. The reason is because you 3 (4 counting Yarbrough) just don't care. It doesn't matter to you what it costs, because you have the power to raise taxes. You don't care about the citizen subjects of this city enough to know and understand that they're broke. You don't care that the businesses are taxed to death already. You don't care that more and more of the good people are fleeing our city. You just don't get it and it's obvious that you just don't care.

But... my reasoning could be wrong. Perhaps the reason is simply that the OADA spends quite a bit of money on alcohol and you figure you can get free drinks? I'm sure that couldn't be the reason though, since the bunch of you are so dead set against that evil alcohol.

Commissioners - get out of your little glass houses and start walking the streets in your district. Talk to the people. See what concerns the citizens have. Ask the people if they would join anything without knowing the cost. And while you're out there walking around, see how far you can make it without getting robbed or mugged.

Voting for this without knowing the cost is just plain stupid. As Forrest Gump said, stupid is as stupid does. You, the yes voting members of the Waycross City Commissioners, have once again proved his point.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12/09/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

As the holiday season approaches, we have the locals in full festive mood. Holiday cheer is being spread through liberations, assaults, burglary, fraud, and general mayhem. Merry Christmas coming to all, and don't go to sleep at night!

We have lots of activities by members of the Waycross Liberation Squad...

Albert Marcel White, age 34, from 1008 James Lane has been arrested and charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault after a failed attempt to rob a store in the 1000 block of Memorial Drive. Things didn't go as planned and Mr. White ended up just waving his pistol and leaving before being arrested a few minutes later by the unfair Waycross Police Department. (See previous story about the police being unfair.)

Robbery at Mary Street Park as two colored males, both wearing Halloween masks pulled a gun and forced the victims to the ground and demanded money. But alas, the two victims had no money, so they struck the male victim in the face with the gun and left.

Note to members of the Waycross Liberation Squad. Rule #1 about armed robbery is to make sure that your intended victims have MONEY! Robbing people with no money will get your membership cards revoked.

In other liberations by yet unknown members of the Waycross Liberation Squad, we have the following.

In the 2300 block of Park Avenue, liberators broke into a storage building and liberated an air compressor, chain hoist, and other items that were not needed by the homeowner.

In the 1100 block of North Augusta Avenue, we had a good haul! Liberated were guns, laptops, cameras, rings, watches, dvd players, and more.

The 700 block of the crime ridden ELIZABETH STREET had a purse liberated from a 2001 Jeep.

The 800 block of BERTHA STREET had a dvd player and tv set liberated.

More crime in the 1200 block of Cherokee Drive as a golf bag with clubs and other golf gear were liberated.

A 2006 Toyota Camry liberated from the 600 block of Oakwood Avenue. Seems that the gentleman bought his sweet thing a car, but she has moved to South Carolina and taken a job at a gentlemen's club. You know, there are just some things that I would not report if I were giving information about a crime...

Zachary Seth Roberson, age 21, from 708 Laurel Street in the Cherokee Heights neighborhood, has been charged with financial transaction card theft.

Cody Ewing Taylor, from 2084 Brogdon Road, has been charged with 11 counts of financial transaction card fraud.

To those of you that only do financial card fraud, you can not be admitted into the Waycross Liberation Squad. As we have told you in the past, you must kick in doors, do armed robbery, or something special to get this honorary title. Better luck next time kids!

There's plenty more to come as the crime wave comes crashing in on Waycross GA. We'll be back tomorrow to start catching up on the fun and frolics going on in town.

Drugs, thugs, and fun to be had by all in Waycross GA!

Non-Profits Doing it Right and Wrong in Waycross GA

In the religious hall of SHAME, we have the following items:

The Open Door Baptist Church having a yard sale.

We also have the Faith of God Church from Newtown having a Christmas banquet at the Waycross Holiday Inn on December 12th. Tickets are for sale for only $15.00 each.

The Manor United Methodist Church is having food served (not sure if this is free or not), but is also conducting an auction.

In the religious hall of FAME, we have SweetWater Baptist Church at 1305 Alice having a free meal for the community on Saturday, December 12, from noon until the food is gone. (At no charge!)

The United House of Deliverance is also having a Christmas banquet on December 19, in which the public is invited to attend. (At no charge!)

Once again, we admire a Church doing good for the public. That's what it's all about. But for those of you with a Non-Profit Church in business, go buy your licenses and permits. You're violating the laws that our City of Waycross Commissioners choose not to have enforced.

And to the do-gooders that complain about these post, don't waste your breath. You're the one that will be accounting to God for having the money changers in the temple. NOT ME.

City of Waycross Police Department is Unfair!

And if you don't believe that, read the December 4, 2009 version of the Waycross Journel-Herald newspaper. In the "Our Readers Say" column, we have a letter written in to the newspaper by Lillie Worthy of Waycross stating that she is a concerned mother and grandmother because her daughter and granddaughter are being held in the Ware County Jail.

It seems that Kumecca Worthy, the daughter, and Caohai Worthy, were arrested for disorderly conduct. Ms. Worthy goes on to accuse the Chief of Police, Tony Tanner, of being "nasty" and "unfair".

Ms. Worthy states that her daughter and granddaughter did nothing wrong, and that there was no bond set for the disorderly conduct. She also states that they children missed Thanksgiving dinner and have been in jail for almost two weeks.

The Editor of the Waycross Journel-Herald has a note added that cash bail bonds were set for both women.

They did nothing wrong? So, once again, curious minds want to know why they were arrested. Or even better, why were the police called in the first place?

Ms. Lillie Worthy, there are many things in the City of Waycross that I don't like. Many that I absolutely detest. However, the City of Waycross Police Department is not one of them.

We have one of the finest police departments that could be asked for, and the finest officers that are to be found.

So perhaps, just perhaps, before you start complaining about that daughter and granddaughter that "did nothing wrong", you should better examine the facts.

Look at the facts Ms. Worthy, not your opinion. The facts are why your children are in jail. The facts are also why they are still there. You didn't bond them out.

Quit complaining and get control of your children......

Friday, December 4, 2009

Memorial Stadium - A Field of Dreams in Waycross GA

Memorial Stadium.

Waycross GA.

Former home of minor league baseball. Former home of many of the greats of baseball fame.

Former home of Pee-Wee & Midget football games.

Former home of the famous All Night Gospel Sing.

Former home of........ and the list goes on.

Call me old fashioned if you wish. I know of the days when Waycross GA & Memorial Stadium were home for the things above and more.

What's happened in the last few years?

The City of Waycross no longer owns the crown jewel of the city. Memorial Stadium is the crown jewel in South Georgia, but the jewel no longer shines.

In yet another one of the "deals" from our city leaders, the Memorial Stadium was swapped, sold, or whatever to the Ware County Board of Education. Memorial Stadium now can boast of a few football games a year.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Where's the glory of Memorial Stadium past? It, along with most of the rest of historic Waycross GA, is gone. The glory is gone, and will not be returned.

The most amusing thing that we have heard is that we can't have any other events in Memorial Stadium because the Ware County Board of Education doesn't want the grass damaged.

Now I must admit, that grass has a very high place of importance on my list. Grass ranks right up there with mosquitos, sand gnats, and crack heads stealing weedeaters.

Take a trip 70 miles south to Jacksonville Florida and watch the venues change within hours. We can have basketball going on today, mud bogging the next, PBR bull riding the next day, followed by motorcross, rock concerts, and more.

All the while, we have thousands of empty seats in Waycross GA sitting empty, with the lights turned off.

Where there is a will, there is a way. It just appears that the will to find the way is not available in Waycross.

Here's a radical thought for you.....

Let's start having Waycross become the leader in entertainment and events in South Georgia. Brunswick does it. Jesup does it. Valdosta does it. But not Waycross.

The most radical thought coming from the City of Waycross is joining the Okefenokee Area Developement Authority, without knowing what is's going to cost us. But wait, that is pretty radical. Joining an organization that has been tainted with scandal without knowing the cost. Maybe the City of Waycross GA Commissioners are radical after all. Perhaps embracing the OADA was in order to tap into the liquor that was being purchased with OADA/taxpayer funds. Sweet!

How about the City of Waycross get the Memorial Stadium back. How about we get some big names to come to town to put on a rock concert, rodeo, gospel sing, a motorcross event, or anything that would bring prosperity to our city.

We could even sell beer! (Don't laugh commissioners. Beer is selling for $7.00 per bottle at events. Look at the profit margins!)

But once again, it's not going to happen. My thoughts are nothing more than an empty field of dreams.

Waycross GA. No vision. No dreams.

Just a fancy new logo pointing the way for people to flee the city......

A Rigged Jury in Waycross GA?

Let's imagine for a moment.........

Your rich uncle is on trial. You, his nephew, are in the jury pool and get picked to serve on his trial. You feel that you can be impartial, that you can do the right thing, that justice will be served.

The fact remains, he is your rich uncle.

You don't disclose that he was your uncle. Perhaps you didn't get asked. You vote him innocent of all charges, and you believe you have made a fair and just decision.

The fact remains, he is your rich uncle.

You don't believe that you did anything wrong. You do believe that you acted in the best interest of justice. You stand by your decision.

Now, someone points out the fact that he was your rich uncle.

At this point, you figure out that even though it was proper for you to be in the jury pool, you should have not been on the jury.

After all, he is your rich uncle.

Where's this going you ask?

It would be outrageous for you to be a juror in that trial. What's so different about a City of Waycross Commissioner voting to have the City of Waycross become a member of the OADA when they (the OADA) are your rich uncle helping to pay your bills with their purchases?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How's your Water Bill Waycross GA?

Hehe.... the Waycross City Commission is at it again!

City manager Pete Pyrzenski and the commissioners are having preliminary discussions about the "possibility" of changing the way the City of Waycross charges for use of water and the treatment of wastewater.

A study for the City of Waycross has come to the conclusion that the city must change its rates in order to make the water and sewer system pay for itself.

Here comes the good part:

"City residents who use less water might actually see a reduction in their bills."

Here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause! (And if you believe all of this, I've got a bridge 35 miles east of Brunswick GA for sale.)

Here's the change that you can believe in:

"Those residents and businesses that use a lot of water and have large sewer connections will see their bills go up."

Now that, you can believe.

Attention all citizen/subjects that are still in Waycross GA (You know, the ones that haven't fled "yet"). Hang onto your wallet. They're coming to get you.

12/02/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

As the showers come down, the wave crashes in. More on the crime wave flooding into Waycross GA!

Starting out with the crime wave spilling into the formerly safe Cherokee Heights neighborhood:

Unknown members of the Waycross Liberation Squad have liberated lawn equipment and plumbing supplies from a utility building in the 1000 block of Central Avenue.

Burglary, with jewelry and other things being liberated from a house in the 800 block of Laurel Street

In other areas, we have:

Burglary in the 900 block of QUARTERMAN STREET as jewelry and personal property were taken.

In the 4300 block of Albany Avenue, we have the liberations of 2 Husqvarna chain saws.

Theft by taking in the 2500 block of Minnesota Avenue, as personal papers and bank statements were liberated from a 2001 Ford Explorer.

Theft near Lott Street and Carswell Avenue as a dvd player, flat screen tv, and a checkbook were liberated from a 1992 Ford Explorer. Look for the checks to surface soon in a neighborhood near you!

The Grinch was active as he entered a local home and took presents from under a Christmas tree. (No, I'm not kidding.)

The 700 block of Beville had a laptop computer liberated.

In the 900 block of Sweat Street, power tools were liberated from a Toyota truck.

A really good haul in the 1000 block of Waller Street as a 6x10 utility trailer, Magnavox tv, computer desk, computer, flat screen monitor, 2 RCA tvs, 1 Sanyo TV, 2 carpet cleaners, patio furniture , tool box, and other items liberated. Whoever did this one will be in the runner up category for liberator of the year!

In the 3000 block of Albany Avenue, gold rings with diamonds and birthstones were liberated.

A .380 caliber handgun and money was liberated from a house in the 1400 block of Ketter Street.

A ladies wallet was liberated from a 1996 Chevrolet Beretta in the 600 block of FOLKS STREET.

An official member of the Waycross Liberation Squad was busy in the 2100 block of Wadley Road after kicking open a door to a local business. The only thing noticed to have been liberated was a Georgia Power meter.

In the 3300 block of Sage Street, we have 2 X-Box 360 games systems, controllers, and games, along with a Sony camera, camcorder, a HP laptop and other items liberated.

In the 2400 block of Spurgeon Street, a lady went outside, cranked up her car, and returned into the house while the car warmed up. When she came back out, she discovered her 2009 Toyota Camry gone, and an old Toyota Corolla in its place.

In the 1100 block of Beville, a landlord had given his tenants an eviction notice. When he went to his rental, he discovered the refrigerator and waching machine had been liberated. Theft by conversion charges out on this one.

Stephen Shane McMichael, age 47 from Mockingbird Lane has been awarded two additional counts of fraud. Mr. McMichael is currently enjoying 3 hots and a cot compliments of your taxpaying dollars.

Clarance T. Rowell, age 54, from 1510 Bunch Street has been arrested and charged under the family violence act.

Prince Henry, age 18, from 901 Cedar Street has been charged with trespassing after entering an auto.

Aggravated stalking with harassing communications in the 100 block of Hamilton Avenue.

Crystal Danielle Champagne, age 22, from 911 LEE AVENUE, has been charged with possession of a Schedule IV drug and related objects.

And while we're on the subject of drugs, we have a meth lab bust involving Sabrina Johnson, age 26, and Joshua Aaron Kerch, age 25, both from 4816 Deerwood Road.

Nearby Pierce County busted a lab and are on the lookout for Joshua William Thomas, age 23, from 1011 Satilla Circle, in Blackshear GA.

Another aggravated stalking charge in the 800 block of STATE STREET.
And as always, more fraud, forgery, and the assorted antics of the locals.

Hang in there folks. Lock it, padlock it, chain it, bolt it, do something. Just secure anything that you want to keep because it's time to get Christmas money!!!

The crime wave is coming and it's coming in hard. Buckle down, lock up the wimmens and children. It's coming to a neighborhood near you!