Monday, September 28, 2009

09/28/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

Back again with the latest updates on thuggery and druggery as the crime wave crashes in on Waycross GA.

Ben Dukes III, age 41, from 1031 Congress Street, and Bernard Nelson Jr., age 48, of 826 PENDERGAST STREET have been naughty boys! Between the two, charges include possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of crack cocaine, possession of cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, and obstruction of an officer. Both of these fine church-going boys are now in the Ware County Country Club with three hots and a cot.

William John Byrd, age 37, from 950 North Clough Bay Road receives an honorable mention from the Waycross Liberation Squad. Seems that Byrd has been liberating items with his 25 counts of forged checks in the first degree. Sorry you can't be a full member, you've got to kick doors in to be one of those.

Other members of the Waycross Liberation Squad have been busy, liberating a wallet and contents from a Nissan Altima in the 500 block of Lott Street.

Also liberated was a CD player and cell phone from a Chrysler car parked in the 400 block of Darling Avenue.

A wrecked 1991 Chevrolet truck was liberated from the 200 block of East Hamilton Avenue. When the owner or the truck GOT OUT OF JAIL, he found that his truck had been liberated.

Other liberators and pirates were active on Ryan circle, liberating a gold diamond ring, a diamond ring with clusters, and cash money. The house was also plundered, indicating more pirate activity in Waycross Ga.

In the 1900 block of STATE STREET, a radio was liberated from a Dodge Truck.

Personal items were liberated from a Lincoln also parked in the 1900 block of STATE STREET.

A Western Flyer bicycle was from a residence in the 2800 block of Albany Avenue.

And yet a liberator want-to-be has been busy wth debit card fraud.

More to come! Get ready to lock down the wimmens and chillens, because next weekend is that wonderful WELFARE WEEKEND in Waycross GA! We'll have plenty of money from them social security and disability checks, and we'll watch the King Cobra beer fly off the shelves. There will be plenty of crack on hand, plenty of weed to smoke, all just waiting on the natives to go wild.

Get ready Waycross. Here comes that wonderful time of the month!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Underage Beer Sales in Waycross GA

Now added to the Hall of Shame for selling alcohol to minors, we have the following:

Niruben Somashat Patel, age 34, from 3221 T.J. Lane, selling from Pogo Foods at 2000 Carswell Avenue.

Curtis Lavern Skelton, age 53, from 4015 Church Street, selling from Flash Foods at 4095 Jamestown Road.

Rebecca Tanner, age 34, from 302 Aycock Road, selling from Griffin's Country Mall at 3900 Brunswick Highway.

Rinkesh Patel, age 34, from 2030 West Jackson Street, selling from Quick Pick Express at 2720 Albany Avenue.

Fairron Davis, age 21, from 1038 Alpha Street, selling from Flash Foods at 2476 Minnesota Avenue.

Good job to the Ware County Sheriff's Department for this sting operation. 20 local stores were tested, and 5 failed. All of the above suspects have been arrested and have made bond.

Pirates at Work in Waycross GA!

Warnings to all Pirates are out from Mediastream (formerly Waycross Cable Company), that they are going to be found!

Mediastream officials are bringing charges against all of the Pirates that are stealing services with splitters and unauthorized hook-ups.

And a quick note to the Pirates..... if you get caught, you will probably get a theft of services citation from the City of Waycross Police. This is going to get you a trip to City Municipal Court, where the fine is close to $700.00.

Can't pay in full? Don't worry. The probation option is always available to those Pirates that want to pay on the installment plan. Have fun guys and girls!

Waycross GA's Scotbilt Gets Big Contract!

Yes! ScotBilt homes now has a place on the 3.2 BILLION DOLLAR government teat with its new contract to manufacture 67,500 FEMA trailers over the next 5 years.

This is good news for the City of Waycross GA. This is going to get many people back to work, and will be good for ScotBilt and for Waycross, GA.

We are happy that the money is coming to Waycross, even though we are unhappy with the so-called stimilus plan of the current administration.

Congratulations to all that were involved in bringing the pork to Waycross. It's going to get spent somewhere, might as well be here.

09/26/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

Here we go with the latest round of thuggery in Waycross GA! Suit up, put on the live vest, and ride the crime wave as it crashes in.

Lets' start this one with the antics of the Waycross Liberation Squad and all that they do for our community.

In the 2800 block of Memorial Drive, a 2010 Ford Mustang was liberated from Robbie Roberson Ford, along with the extra key that went to it.

The 300 block of Josephine Park Road had a red 2009 Polaris Trailblazer 330 liberated.

In the 600 block of Stonewall Jackson Street, a Sony CD/MP3 player, Casio camera, LL Bean book bag, and an XM Delphi satellite radio were liberated from a Ford Mustang parked at a residence.

A Sony Play Station, 2 cell phones, and other electronic devices were liberated from a home in the 100 block of Westgate Drive.

A hole was knocked in the front door of a business in the 1100 block of Pittman Street. Pirates plundered the building, but nothing appeared to have been taken.

Burglary in the 1600 block of Genoa Street when someone pulled pieces of tin off the rear of the building and liberated drills, a paint sprayer, a bicycle, and a battery charger.

In the 1800 block of Carter's Lane, a TV and CD player have been liberated.

Liberators visited a business in the 1200 block of Thomas Street, ransacked it, and liberated a computer.

And God bless them, someone stole a Bible from a car parked in the 1800 block of the SOUTH GEORGIA PARKWAY. (At least go to a motel to steal the Bible. The Gideons consider this to be part of their ministry. They want for you to have them. They will give them to you.) Moron.......

Parts were stolen off of a farm tractor in the 2000 block of West Jackson Street including the motor, a set of harrows, and other parts. Check the scrap metal shop boys!

Contents were liberated from 3 storage units on Knight Avenue.

A homeowner reported to police that a .38 Armscor revolver, a gold/diamond ring, and a white gold wedding band had been liberated from his house.

Burglary in the 1500 block of Eldon Davis Lane as liberators got a 32" Sony TV, a 32" Panasonic TV, a Nintento II game station, a Kenmore washing machine, a Kenmore dryer, a Magnavox DVD player, and a Sony CD player. Good haul!

A Poulan riding mower was liberated from a home in the 2400 block of Sweat Street.

A Toyota transmission was stolen out of a truck parked in the 6700 block of the Alma Highway. Yes, stolen OUT OF THE TRUCK, not out of the back of it.

Burglary in the 600 block of NICHOLLS STREET again as end tables and a coffee table was liberated from a house.

Burglary was in order in the 4700 block of Cameron Lane where a supply of medication was liberated.

Another burglary on State Street, in the 1000 block this time, as liberators forced open a rear door and liberated several sets of hair trimmers.

Boating supplies were liberated from a business in the 1800 block of OLD REYNOLDS STREET.

A refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer were liberated from a vacant mobile home in the 1500 block of Melvin Lane.

And here we go again! 150 oxycodone pills and an undisclosed amount of cash were "stolen" from an unlocked vehicle in the 400 block of West Hamilton Avenue. No one leaves their oxycodone and cash unlocked friends. We've just got to get a police report in order to get that 'script refilled again. Those oxycodone are worth some big $$$ on the street. Are you selling, eating, smoking, snorting, or shooting them? Or are you just plain stupid and left them in an unlocked car? Come on, curious minds want to know....

We now have some new official members that have been admitted to the Waycross Liberation Squad.

Scott Calley Willis, age 37, from 2311 Spurgeon Street, was officially admitted to the squad when he was charged with theft of a vehicle.

Glenn Beverly, age 39, from 1370 Coral Road, Apartment D, has been admitted with charges of robbery. His initiation was a snatch and grab robbery in the 2100 block of Brunel Street.

Morgan Quincy Smith, age 51, from 528 Thomas Street was admitted with 3 counts of burglary.

Orville Sweat, age 34, from 419 W. Waring Street, and William Roberson, age 35, from 310 1/2 Jessie Street, have been given an honorable mention due to their financial card fraud activities. Angela Peeples, age 32, from 6317 Griner Street in Patterson also gets an honorable mention for 5 counts of forgery. Glenn Lamar Drawdy, age 40, from 1814 Waller Street gets a mention for 5 counts of financial card fraud. Come on guys and girls..... got to kick down some doors for full admittance!

Congratulations to these new members of the Waycross Liberation Squad!

As always, more financial fun and fraud rampant with credit cards, debit cards, and bad checks all over town.

In the ever so daily war on drugs, we have the following:

Eugene Wesley III, age 42, from Holley Street in nearby Blackshear, has been charged with possession of Schedule III drugs and possession of cocaine. Wesley was involved in a disturbance at GARLINGTON HEIGHTS (imagine that), and tried to pass off his pill bottle containing his goodies to his GRANDMOTHER. Now this boy is a real winner!!!

Calvin Belt, age 48, from 1121 MARION STREET, has been charged with possession of crack cocaine, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana.

Deanna Marie Bennett, age 33, from 1406 Dean Drive, has been charged with possession of marijuana, possession of crack cocaine, loitering, and prowling. She was reported to the police for going through mailboxes in the 1000 block of Euclid Avenue. Good job to the City of Waycross Police. This arrested has probably thwarted countless financial fraud transactions!

On to the idiots!

Michael Anthony Webb, age 46, of 1709 Gibbs Circle has been charged with making terroristic threats. Seems that if he can't have her, he's not going to let anyone else have her either. Threats to burn her house down didn't play too well with the local police.

Derek Michael Beecher, age 30, from 510 Washington Avenue, has been charged with 11 counts of sexual exploitation of a child. I can't say any more than this or this would no longer be a family friendly blog........

Edward Coley Mercer, age 42, from FOLKS STREET, and Tabitha Beverly Johnson, of the Alma Highway were arrested. Charges include probation violations for theft by receiving, forgery, fleeing, and attempting to elude police. Good job!

Hang on boys and girls. The crime wave is crashing in on Waycross GA. More to come soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

09/19/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

Crime, crime, and more crime.

Robbery was on the menu behind the Sonic resturant. A man was walking home when he got hit on the head and assaulted. A superman baseball cap and money were liberated, the robber drove away.

More members of the Waycross Liberation Squad were active in the 300 block of Cherokee Avenue, liberating mens gold rings, and other items. Entry was made by prying open the door.

Other members were busy liberating a purse containing jewelry, a wallet, and the VISA Debit card from a car in the 500 block of Alice Street.

A Kodak digital camera was liberated in the 1600 block of ISABELLA STREET from a parked vehicle.

MARGARET STREET had a keyboard and synthesizer liberated from a business in the 1100 block.

In the 1200 block of Senate Street, 15 pairs of custom made "Air Jordan" shoes were reported liberated from a storage shed in the yard. 15 pair liberated? Was this the first or second time they were liberated?

A woman reported to Waycross police that she was robbed in the 1800 block of Rhonda Street about 10:30 pm when a colored male approached with a gun, and demanded her purse which contained a large amount of cash and a cell phone. The victim stated that she knew the suspect.

800 Carswell Avenue had members of the Waycross Liberation Squad in action with money being taken from a home with an unlocked door. Come on folks... this is WAYCROSS. LOCK the doors and hide the wimmin and children.

More money was liberated from a home in the 1100 block of H.J. Echols Drive. A cement block was thrown though a window and a vending machine was molested until it gave up its change.

More of the same old criminal activity with aggravated assault action going on. A woman told police she was sitting in a vehicle about 12:30 am when a colored female walked up, said a few words, and cut her on the arm with a box cutter.

Tracy Postell, age 43, from 1423 Bokum Street was arrested and charged with aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act.

Daquan Raqueze Smith, age 17, from 1204 James Lane, Apartment B has been charged with armed robbery in the liberation of the purse and cash from the 1800 Rhoda Street heist.

More burglary as a Stallard Arms 9mm pistol, gold Camio watch, Camio gold ring, silver ring, gold locket ring, gold locket pendant and a gold chain were liberated in the 5700 block of Turkey Lane.

In the 700 block of Dewey Street, a maintenance room was forced open and unknown quantities of candy were stolen.

Another church was visited by members of the Waycross Liberation Squad. Canned goods were liberated from a church in the 100 block of East Blackshear Avenue.

Approximately $500.00 was liberated from a residence in the 500 block of Perham Street.

A 31 inch tv, DVD player, and fishing equipment were liberated from a residence in the 1300 block of Church Street.

In the 600 block of Summit Street, a 1995 Mercury Cougar and blue Pontiac were liberated.

A GPS system was liberated from a 2005 Cadillac Escalade that was parked in the 500 block of Sycamore Street.

Liberators entered a truck in the 2200 block of Creswell Street and liberated about $4.00 in change and some cassettes.

An employee of a business in the 1600 block of Riverside Avenue had her money liberated while she was at work.

In the 600 block of IZLAR STREET, a liberator stripped the copper tubing from an air conditioner of a house that was being remodeled.

And here we go again: Prescription medicine was liberated from a car parked in the 1800 block of Madison Avenue. Got to have that police report to get them refilled...

More items liberated in the 1000 block of Burgess Street, including lawn tools and a pressure washer.

Handguns and jewelry were liberated from a house in the 1900 block of Young Street.

A laptop computer and assorted tools were liberated from a car in the 1500 block of Tupelo Drive.

800 Vine Street had 15 Kung Fu movies and 10 X-Box games liberated along with a laptop computer.

Another church break in, this time in the 1500 block of Hampton Avenue. Money was liberated and the church was ransacked.

In the 2700 block of Memorkal Drive, a business had a 2006 Chevrolet Van liberated.

More of the financial fraud action as 10 forged checks passed in the 1600 block of Memorial Drive, 11 passed in the 1300 block of Plant Avenue, and 4 in the 700 block of Riverside Avenue. That adds up to 25, so the forger used the entire book!

Financial transaction card fraud and theft in the 500 block of City Boulevard, 400 block of Darling Avenue, and the 2400 block of Memorial Drive.

And still more identity fraud as a woman received a welcome notice from Verizon welcoming her as a new customer. The woman stated that she was not a customer.

More financial identification fraud as a woman applying for credit at a local business was denied and discovered that someone had opened an account in her name without her permission and spoiled her credit rating.

More to come as the crime wave continues to crash in on Waycross GA!

City of Waycross Police Department - Brilliant!

Yes. Brilliant is the correct word.

The City of Waycross Police Department hosts "Kids Fun Day" each and every year. All children under the age of 14 are invited for hot dogs, drinks, balloons, and popcorn.

Also included in the fun day are drug prevention information, water slides, inflatable slides and prizes.

And yes, FINGERPRINTING is also done as a public service.


More Non-Profits Doing it Wrong in Waycross GA

Once again, non-profits are still in business in Waycross GA!

The First Presbyterian Church on Ava Street is inviting all men to join them each Thursday at 7:00 am for breakfast. They are serving a good, wholesome Southern breakfast and invite all men to join them.

There is a small CHARGE for the meal.

Not to be left out, the First United Methodist Church has resumed having their men's weekly luncheons. A good hot meal, short devotion, and prayer time are in store for those that attend.

There is a small CHARGE for the meal.

Here we go again! Church corporations in the business of selling food. Not to harp on it or beat a dead horse, but where are the permits, licenses, taxes being paid, inspections, and how about those people you put out of work? Huh? City of Waycross - get over there and DO YOUR JOB!

And its not only the "Non-Profit" Churches in action. Another "Non-Profit", The Order of Eastern Star is selling several different types of salad for a "donation of $5.00". Once again, you've listed the "donation" amount required, so it's not a donation. You're selling food!

And speaking of moneychangers in the temple, the First Christian Church on McDonald Street in Waycross GA is having an indoor yard sale. Plenty of parking, climate-controlled, and convenient to the GENERAL PUBLIC.

The Surge Student Ministries are also having a yard sale at the University Boulevard Church of God on South Georgia Parkway across from Waycross College. "Lots of good items will be for sale".

Don't tell me it's not business........

Simmons Mattress Company Bankrupt! 1 Billion Dollars in Debt

New story can be found here:;_ylt=AvSHE3cI9UQZOoA32ETd5.2s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTM3Zm1kZHRyBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkwOTI1L3VzX3NpbW1vbnNfYmFua3J1cHRjeQRjcG9zAzgEcG9zAzUEcHQDaG9tZV9jb2tlBHNlYwN5bl9oZWFkbGluZV9saXN0BHNsawNzaW1tb25zcGxhbnM-

Fri Sep 25, 9:56 am ET

ATLANTA – Simmons Co., the maker of Beautyrest mattresses, said Friday that it plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a move that will put new owners in charge of the bedding unit and significantly lower the company's debt.

Sales have slumped for mattress makers as consumers pull back on their spending amid the recession, especially limiting their purchases of big ticket items like mattresses.

The plan, which will not affect business operations, is expected to reduce total debt from about $1 billion to approximately $450 million.

Privately held Simmons said the restructuring includes the acquisition of Simmons Bedding Co., its subsidiaries and parent company Bedding Holdco Inc. by affiliates of private equity fund Ares Management LLC and Teachers' Private Capital, the private investment branch of the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.

The approximately $760 million deal includes equity from Ares and TPC and some of Simmons' current lenders and debt commitments from certain Simmons' lenders.

A majority of Simmons and Simmons Bedding noteholders, including holders of Simmons 10 percent discount notes and Simmons Bedding $200 million senior subordinated notes, have decided to support the plan.

Simmons Bedding noteholders will be entitled to a pro rate share of $190 million in cash, while Simmons noteholders will be entitled to receive a share of $15 million in cash.

Simmons Bedding vendors, suppliers, workers and senior bank lenders will be paid in full, the company said.

Noteholders and senior bank lenders will be solicited to vote on the restructuring, with the process likely to close within 30 days of the solicitation's launch. Simmons plans to file for Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection after the solicitation period. The bankruptcy filing will not include Simmons Bedding subsidiaries in Canada and Puerto Rico, but those units will be included in the acquisition.

Simmons Bedding has also arranged a $35 million debtor-in-possession revolving credit facility related to the restructuring plan. The plan must receive bankruptcy court approval.

The move gives the company a chance to get out from its debt and restructure to recover from falling sales and shrinking profit. Simmons' sales fell nearly 19 percent in the three-month period ending in June to $218 million, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It posted a net loss of $5.8 million, compared to profit of $1.1 million in the same period last year.

For the first half of the year, sales are down 19 percent and Simmons lost nearly $9 million,

09/12/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

More fun and frolics by the locals as the crime wave rolls in on Waycross GA!

Joseph O. Jones, from 511 Riverside Drive has been charged with aggravated assult under the Family Violence Act. Seems that he cut a fellow family member on the chin with a nail file.

Dedrick Bernard Nelson, age 27, from 302 Hamilton Avenue refused to leave the Satilla Regional Medical Center after being asked to. He then refused to leave the parking lot after being escorted outside, and then the popo got involved. He continued to refuse, struggled with an officer and a marble bench valued at $10,000 was broken. Damage to property and obstruction of an officer were his gift of the day.

Mary Ann Mullis, age 27, and Daniel McKenzie Harden, age 31, both from Heidi Drive, were arrested on US1 North in a traffic stop. Mullis was arrested on an outstanding warrant of theft by deception, Harden got the felony possession of marijuana charges.

Criminal damages charges await the person that spray painted orange paint on a piece of Ware County Georgia mowing equipment.

Kaley Williams, age 17, from 300 East Hamilton Avenue, and Marcus Anthony Harvey, age 19, from 1925 Atwood Street have been charged with making terroristic threats and acts, and giving a false public alarm. These two fine individuals were going to "blow up" the Ware County jail. The calls were made from 1319 Ketterer Street in Waycross GA.

Wendy Manders, age 39, from 2239 11th Street has been charged with possession of Schedule IV drugs and crack cocaine. Wendy was on OAK STREET when she encountered the traffic stop by the City of Waycross Police. Just another getting ready for the OAK STREET FESTIVAL!

Cylus Lashawn Hayes, age 32, from 1020 Congress Street has been charged with possession of crack cocaine and possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute. Hayes was stopped by the City of Waycross Popo on BLACKWELL STREET.

On to the Waycross Liberation Squad members and their actions!

The 800 block of Cedar Street had a Nintendo game system and cartridges, along with money and diamond earrings liberated.

In the 1000 block of Atlanta Avenue, a Husqvarna lawn mower and 2 weedeaters were liberated from the back of a truck.

OAK STREET again, this time in the 800 block was visited by liberators where money was taken, rooms were ransacked, doors broken, and the refrigerator opened. Sounds like we're just about ready for that OAK STREET FESTIVAL guys!

In the 1500 block of Hilliard Avenue, a 42 inch TV was liberated while the occupants were sleeping in bed.

The 600 block of Dewitt Street was visited by liberators and a 22 caliber revolver and a shotgun were liberated.

A 1999 Chevrolet Lumina was leased in the 1900 block of State Street and has not been returned. The vehicle is now considered to have been liberated.

The 600 block of NICHOLLS STREET had a 10 speed bicycle and lawnmower liberated.

Expensive jewelry was liberated from a home in the 1200 block of Sequoia Circle. A rear window was broken out and the front door was kicked open. Value was listed as a very high amount.

In the 900 block of SOUTH GEORGIA PARKWAY, a tenant reported to police that someone entered her home and liberated 97 Loricet, 57 Xanax, and took her rent money that was due that day. Take that police report to your landlord and to your doctor. We all know what this is about....

A pizza delivery driver was the victim of an armed liberation by two colored men in the 1400 block of Bokum Street. One of them men had a handgun and demanded that the female driver give them everything she had including the pizza.

Everett Lamont King, age 21, from 820 ARNOLD MCKINNEY DRIVE has been charged with a liberation that occurred on REGAN CIRCLE.

A large amount of cash was liberated from a wallet in the 1600 block of Carswell Avenue. Police are investigating.

More to come!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oak Street Festival 2009 in Waycross GA!

Here we go again boys and girls! The wonderful Oak Street Festival in Waycross Georgia.

The official version of the festival can be found here:

I'm sure that by now, you probably expect for me to decipher the lingo and place it into the correct terms and context, so let's start out with all of the glorious information from the Oak Street Festival website!

Since 2004, our small group of volunteers has worked long and hard to ensure that the Oak Street Festival is a source of pride for Waycross. It has become the largest black community festival in South Georgia. People from all over the area now set aside the first Saturday in November to return “home” to celebrate with us.

And we're proud of those volunteers that have given it their best.

At one time, this area was a bustling area in the black community featuring doctor’s offices, insurance offices, diners, motels, theater, cab station, clubs, and more. Like many historic African-American communities across the country, the Oak Street community declined. Our purpose is to help the area reclaim its rich history.

This area is still a bustling source of activity for the black community. The only difference is that today, it features an open air drug market, rampant prostitution with $5.00 ho's, drunks, druggies, and ever sort of human debris that you could imagine.

We’ve worked with the Waycross Police Department, Traffic Engineering, business owners, residents, community service workers, and inmate labor to initiate a city funded effort to remove trash from the public areas of Oak Street. This effort has, so far, resulted in removal of more than 360 bags of trash from the street and adjoining properties.

Now curious minds want to know. How did more than 360 bags of trash get on Oak Street and the surrounding area without the City of Waycross Code Department SHUTTING THE ENTIRE AREA DOWN??????? Come on now, curious minds WANT TO KNOW!

It's the same thing every year. The prison inmate labor comes in and hauls off dumpster after dumpster full of trash, beer cans and bottles, marijuana bags, crack bags, meth pipes, condoms, and a general all around assortment of garbage. Why is allowed to continue year around except for the one day that the festival is going on?

The two block commercial area has been re-designated as a one-way street to reduce the convenience to open air drug sales plus street lighting has been improved.

That's right! Now, the drug dealers can work the cars coming through from both sides without having to worry about oncoming traffic. Street lighting is a nice touch too. It helps to better identify the popo and see the bicycle popo and night. Thanks for that touch too.

On October 11 , 2008, the Oak Street Festival Committee held its first “Paint Up Oak Street Day". This was a joint venture between the Oak Street Festival Committee, the City of Waycross, the Oak Street business owners, and the community. We painted the abandoned buildings along Oak Street in an effort to beautify the area.

Hmmmmm.... why has the City Code Department allowed for these buildings to get in such a run down condition in the first place? Seems that owners from every other street in Waycross except Oak Street would be getting fined or going to jail.

Join the Oak Street Festival on November 7, 2009 from 10am - 5pm. That's the one time a year that the good people can be on Oak Street and be safe.

A better idea! Let's change it to a date to be announced every year. A date when cleanup is not done in advance. A weekend night where the festival starts about 10 pm or so. You know, the time when everybody is partying hard on Oak Street like normal. The time when you can find the drugs, the guns, the ho's, the real life on Oak Street.

Not the fake party that is going on November 7, 2009....................

Come on guys. It's only 1 block away from the City of Waycross Police Station. Let's make a difference EVERY day of the year. Not just one day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sex Offender Search in Waycross GA

Kenneth Wayne Rhoden, age 26, is a sex offender who was released from Ware County jail and has vanished. Rhoden has not registered his new address and is now in violation of the law.

Rhoden formerly lived at the AL-MAR MOTEL, at 3022 Memorial Drive, where he was arrested in March. Rhoden is 6 foot- 4 inches tall, 320 pounds, green eyes, and is going bald.

Rhoden is a statutory rapist.

09/05/09 Drugs & Thugs Waycross GA

It's been too long, and there's so much to catch up, so once again, let's ride the crime wave as it continues to crash in on Waycross GA.

Crime, crime, and more crime in Waycross GA.

Let's start with armed robbery in the 2000 block of Albany Avenue, when a man dressed in all black robbed the Flash Foods at gunpoint. Covering his face with a halloween mask and brandishing a handgun, the liberator made away with an amount of money that was not disclosed.

On Azalea Avenue, a man riding his bicycle home was accosted by a group of men who rode up in a car, knocked him off his bicycle, and took his money.

In the 300 block of Darling Avenue, a wallet was liberated from a 1991 Lexus.

The 4000 block of Nolan Circle was stuck by liberators that liberated jewelry and checks. Look for those checks to be all over town soon!

In the 2300 block of Spurgeon Street, a 2002 Camero Z28 was liberated.

In the 800 block of Carter Lane, a TV and DVD player were liberated.

In the 500 block of Izlar Street, a computer, an X-box game system, and video games were liberated. Obviously this was done by a seasoned member of the Waycross Liberation Squad as the kicked in door tactic was used.

Televisions and frozen food were liberated from a house in the 800 block of BLACKWELL STREET while the owner was out of town.

The 200 block of Washington Avenue was visited by liberators that liberated jewelry items after prying open a window in the home.

REGAN CIRCLE was the location for strong-arm robbery when one man wanted to borrow money from another to buy liquor. A wallet was snatched, a fight ensued, and the fight began.

Arson in the 600 block of Mary Street is the cause of a fire in the old Western Auto building.

In the 1400 block of ABC Avenue, a fireproof safe containing cash and personal documents was liberated. Too bad it was only fireproof. In Waycross, you have a much better chance of needing a liberator proof safe than a fire proof one.

A 1990 Nissan Maxima parked in the 2200 block of Memorial Drive had a purse liberated. The doors were unlocked and the windows left down..... Must have been a rocket scientist driving that car.

Billy Gene Williams, age 21, from 509 Ware Street has been charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, obstruction of an officer, and driving with a suspended license.

Darien McDaniels, age 19, from 603 OWENS STREET has been charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana.

In the 100 block of Herbert Street, a PlayStation 3 was liberated.

A liberation attempt was foiled in the 4500 block of Benton Lane. When a woman came home, she discovered that the back door had damages from a liberator attempting to pry it open, but the secondary lock held.

Albert Lynwood Wilson, age 50, from 4291 Moneyhole Road in Blackshear, has been charged with DUI, possession of cocaine, and possession of Schedule IV drugs after a traffic stop in Waycross.

Monica Washington, age 35, from 801 Sixth Street, NE, Admore, Oklahoma has been charged with two charges of deposit account fraud. We've got those criminals coming from all over America to commit crime in Waycross. Ride the wave girl.......

Allen Williamson, age 38, from 118 Tidewater Estates in Brunswick GA has been charged with felony theft by taking.

The 500 block of HAZZARD STREET was visited by liberators who stole a camcorder and TENNIS SHOES :) . The house had multiple broken windows and had been plundered. Must have been a pirate on this one, due to it being plundered.

In the 1200 block of Satilla Boulevard, a lawn mower and iron gates were liberated.

Prescription pills and jewelry were liberated in the 500 block of NICHOLLS STREET during broad daylight. Nobody saw nothing.

A Nintendo Wii, a Nintendo DS console, a digital camera, a MP3 player, and a DVD player that were liberated from a home on Oak View Circle have been found in a local PAWN SHOP. Attention - to the IDIOT that pawned this stuff, did you forget that they get a copy of YOUR ID???

Now here's a good one. Oxycodone prescription pills were "liberated from an unlocked 1995 Ford Ranger parked at a home on Minnesota Avenue". The "victim" reported that the pills were not hers, but belonged to her brother and she was planning to mail them. She also "forgot" to lock the truck doors. Too bad you can't get another 'script without a police report ain't it sweetheart? How about a drug test for this one guys?

Mun'Darius Lashad Goodman, age 17, from 301 GARLINGTON AVENUE, apartment 97, has been charged with possession of a firearm by a person under the age of 17, carrying a concealed weapon, and carrying a weapon without a license.

More to come soon. We're catching up on the crime wave. Don't miss it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Waycross GA Non-Profit Doing it Wrong

Yes indeed, more non-profits in the business of making profits!

This time, it is the True House of Deliverance selling fish dinners on Friday for $6.50 each. Everyone is welcome to come by or call to place your order.

OK City of Waycross. You have no problem raising the City of Waycross tax rates, but why on earth should anyone want to pay them when the City of Waycross IS NOT DOING IT'S JOB?

Once again:

Where is the business license?
Where is the health certificate?
Where is the commercial kitchen?
Where are the safe-serv trained staff?
Where are the sales taxes that you should be collecting?
Where are the people that should be doing their job?

A non-profit organization that is IN BUSINESS, and COMPETING WITH BUSINESS, should be treated as what it is.


I'm all for a church doing the work of the church, but when a church goes in business, they should be treated like one. What about all of the other dining establishments in Waycross GA that are doing it right, following the rules, and paying their taxes? Huh?