Wednesday, April 29, 2009

04/29/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

Fraud, thefts and fugitives are the order of the day.

Eddie Albert Conaway, age 46, from 822 Wadley Street was riding his bicycle with no lights when stopped by Waycross Police at Quarterman & Colley Streets.  Mr. Conaway must have used his headlight money to buy the crack cocaine that he had in his possession.

A 'script pad appears to have been stolen from a local doctors office.  Seems that one of the scripts turned up at Walmart and had not been written by a doctor.  Probably more of these to come.

Richard Christensen, age 44, from 1608 Ball Street was arrested Tuesday for assult and shoplifting.  Mr. Christensen was also found to be wanted in Florida for a parole violation.  Another member of the Waycross Liberation Squad bites the dust!

Other members of the Waycross Liberation Squad were busy in the 1400 block of Isabella street liberating a Viva ATVehicle.  Others were busy in the 2000 block of the Brunswick Highway by getting in thru a rear window.  A Kodak digital camera and some money were liberated there.

Hang in there.  Welfare weekend is only 2 days away!

Drug Killing Self Defense in Waycross GA?

Blackshear attorney John Thigpen is representing David Reynolds, age 22, and Andrew Jackson Mills, age 24, for the killing of Nathaniel Lee III, age 20, at a Waller Street home back on April 10, 2009.

Now this is going to get interesting.

The warrant states that Mr. Mills shot Mr. Lee in the back.  All of this was happening during an alleged illegal drug transaction.  Attorney Thigpen has stated that this is a clear cut case of self-defense.

Pitch the tents and bring the elephants.  The circus is coming to town..........

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Selective Enforcement by City of Waycross Code Department?

Mr. Glenn Petty appears to believe so.  A pile of trees and brush has been pushed onto his property at Central Avenue and Walnut Street and has been there for weeks.  In the past, Mr. Petty had been told by the code department to do some things and he did them, but it appears that the enforcement is "selective" due to the Fluker family being the offenders.

Take heart Mr. Petty.  It appears that the City of Waycross Code Department has been selective for years.  It has appeared to be that way for years and years and years.

You have trash piled up on your property.  You know where it came from.  After you complain, Pete Pyrzenski tells you that the owner has been sent a registered letter about it.

How about the violation of your property rights?  Illegal dumping is a CRIME.  Why do we not see someone in handcuffs?  Why has a citation alredy not been issued?  You can bet that if that pile of debris was on your property, you would have already been cited and would be being fined hundreds of dollars per day.

Fair?  Only you can decide.  But the property owners in town that take care of their property know just how unfair it all can appear to be.

Once again - more complaints about the City of Waycross Code Department.  Is it any wonder that they can't keep help?

Monday, April 27, 2009

04/27/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

Woo-Hoo!  Had another big weekend in the City of Waycross as the crime wave continues to roll in.

To start off our list of shame, we have Danny Boy Arnet, age 47, from 200 Baker Street.  Mr. Arnet has been charged with rape, child molestation, and enticing a child.  Now Mr. Arnet is to be assumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but if he is convicted, a razor blade, a couple of quick slices (count to two), and removal of a couple of objects from his groin area should solve all of his problems.  If that doesn't solve the problem, let's send him to prison with child molester tattooed on his head.  Some of the good ole' boys in prison can deal with him there.

Robbery and aggravated assult were the order of the day in the 1300 block of the South Georgia Parkway on Sunday evening.  A man was confronted and his wallet was demanded.  Now this poor man didn't have any money, so the robber got out his .25 caliber gat (must not could have found a real gun) and pointed it at the broke victom.  The victom grabbed a brick and threw it at the man and escaped.

The Waycross Police Drug Unit executed a warrant at the home on Eduardo Sabino, age 34, in the 1700 block of Gilmore Street.  Eduardo Sabion was charged with two counts of marijuana sales, Raymond Blount, age 35, was charged with misdemeanor possession of maijuana and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, and Tammy Leigh Patterson, age 41, was charged with possession of marijuana.  Good job WPD!

In the aggravated assult department, someone forced a woman off the road in the Parkway Drive area.

More and more drug arrests with Scott Aaron Johnson, age 18, from 5148 Jeremy Trail being a bad boy and selling marijuana within 1000 feet of a school and  Gregory Aranz Davis, age 19, from 628 Wadley Street selling crack cocaine.

Yet more members of the Waycross Liberation Squad have bit the dust..........

Curtis Lee Jones, age 37, from 908 L Street has been charged with felony shoplifting.  While at the store, Mr. Jones decided to threaten a store employee and was bestowed with the charge of making terroristic threats.  This was Mr. Jones 4th arrest, so this one is a felony.  Good deal!  Jamie Sue Solomon, age 26, from the trailer park at 503 Cherokee Avenue (Lot 18) is another liberator that has been doing some of that felony shoplifting.  She was arrested with more than $600.00 worth of unpaid merchandise.  Antron Deshawn Bell, age 27, of 803 Crescent Street was also arrested for a robbery from back in March. 

3 liberators down -- untold numbers of them are left.

More members of the Waycross Liberation Squad were active in the 1000 block Albert Hill Sr. Drive.  Several pieces of electronics were liberated, including a tv, stereo, and microwave oven.  In the 1600 block of Hood Street, a number of tools were liberated from a mobile home that was being remodeled.  Check the pawn shop guys and girls!

More fraud around and about town.  Prescription fraud in the 1300 block of Plant Avenue.  Xanax, Soma, and Adipex were on the list of fake prescriptions to fill, but the fraudster was foiled.  In the 600 block of Memorial drive, 2 black men were having fun and fraud with someones credit card.

On a more positive note, the local Masons will be having a free two-day Child Identification Program on May 1 & 2 at the Exchange Club.  If you have young kids, plan to attend!

Friday, April 24, 2009

04/24/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

Lelia Smith, age 28, from 813 Jones Street has let her mouth get the best of her.  Ms. Smith has been charged with making terroristic threats and acts.  According to the Waycross Police, Ms. Smith threatened a business owner in the 800 block of Oak Street that she was going to rob his store and was acting belligerent towards the owner.

William Carey Morris, age 28, of 615 McDonald Street has been charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute.  The incident stemed from a February 6 encounter in the 600 block of Oak Street.

Notice how so much revolves around the historical "Oak Street" area?  Go look back around Easter for my post on the Easter Egg hunt on Oak Street.  We'll talk more.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

04/23/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

News Flash!

3 members of the Waycross Liberation Squad are having a bad day!  Perry Irvin Thompson, age 32, of Oak View Circle, William Anthony Roberson, age 34, of Williams Street, and Sandra Coombs, age 38 of Oak View Circle have been arrested and provided free room and board at the Ware County Jail.

Sheriff Randy Royal states that these three are charged with theft by receiving stolen property, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, felony possession of marijuana, and possession of methamphetamines with intent to distribute.  

These fine liberators had received goods that were stolen from Pierce County this month.  Some of the items recovered were a 32" Snapper riding mower, chrome wheels and tires, an air compressor, nail gun, refrigerator, reciprocating saw and miter saw.

Good job Ware County!

Troy John West, age 45, of Ray Street in Manor has been arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and Schedule II drugs.  Deputies found marijuana, clonsetam, and methodone in his possession.

CSX Police reported three bums illegally riding on a train car and Ware County Lawmen arrested these bums.  These fine gents were from South Carolina, Indiana, and Nevada.  Please guys, put them back on the train and send them home.  We don't need to feed them!

Amy Nicole Miller, age 26, and Larry Shane Hardee, age 40, both from Waycross have been charged with methamphetamine and drug related objects.

Members of the Waycross Liberation Squad have been busy liberating a generator from a garage on Wood Duck Drive.  Another member liberated a purse by snatching from a lady in the 1800 block of Madison Street.  Two black males walked around her car, one of them reached in, unlocked the door, and snatched her purse, then ran away.  Another person filed a complaint that a large sum of money has "gone missing" from the home of a decease person.

Stay tuned...  More facts and opinions coming!

Waycross Liberation Squad Hard at Work!

Yes indeed, more members from the Waycross Liberation Squad have been busy again. 

In the 4000 block of Church Street Extension in the Jamestown area, a rear door was kicked open.  A shiny new 42" Phillips plasma TV was liberated!  A 2008 Nissan Sentra was rented on Memorial Drive and has not been returned.  In the 900 block of Bay Street, a video game, game cartridges, and cell phone were liberated.

The count-down is on!  Less than 48 hours till the weekend and it should be a good one.  Everyone is out of money so the fun and frolics should be widespread.

The next great weekend is going to be May 8, 2009.  Everyone will have received their government dividends and it will be a full moon.  This weekend will rock!!!

By the way, is Okefenokee Tech going to offer classes in door kicking?  We have so many people that are using this craft that perhaps is time to offer some proper education.  We don't want broken ankles or shoulders from the wrong technique, so classes should be in order.  We also need classes on how to properly dis-mount big tv sets from the wall and the correct and proper way to unhook them without creating damages.  All members of the Waycross Liberation Squad would surely be interested......

More Charges Against Shotgun Toting Young Thugs in Waycross GA

Those "fine, young, church going boys".....  you know, the ones that have been on a crime binge in Waycross, GA have had additional charges added to their list of life accomplishments:

Nine additional burglary charges and one vehicle theft charges.  These three fine youths are being held at the Regional Youth Detention Center in Waycross.

14, 15, and 16 years old.  Just remember, those juve records are bound to be sealed and when they hit 18, they will all start out with a clean slate.  

As always - keep the wimmen and chillren locked up, your powder dry, and your guns loaded. These young thugs are going to be back with attitude in a few years!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

04/21/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

As the ongoing crime wave continues............

Members of the Waycoss Liberation Squad have been active all about town.

In the 2000 block of the South Georgia Parkway, a home was entered and a Dell laptop computer was liberated.  Members of the Squad were foiled in their attempt to liberate a big plasma TV from the wall, because they realized that someone was watching.

In the 500 block of Beville Street, yet another rear door was kicked open and two DVD players were liberated.

More fun with the forgers and fraudsters with forged checks being cashed and debit cards being used as always.

Hang in there!  The weekend is coming and the money from the welfare checks run out right after it was received.  Lots of crack and lots of meth to buy and money is tight!  It's going to be a busy weekend for the liberators and the pawn shops.  Watch for more fun and frolics as the crime wave continues to crash in on Waycross GA.

Young Thugs Captured in Waycross GA

Three teen-age thugs have been captured in Waycross GA!  The three boys, ages, 14, 15, and 16 have been arrested and blessed with such charges as burglary, aggravated assult, arson and criminal damage to property.

Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal believes that these young men were responsible for the Ruskin School break-ins, the burglary and aggravated assult at Spiers Carpet on Waller Street, and burglary and theft of the van from the tattoo parlor and several other crimes in the city.

Good job Randy Royal and the Ware County Sheriff Department.

Now.............  Citizens of Waycross!

I'm sure that these were "good church going boys" that never harmed anyone or anything.  The fact remains that they are 14, 15, and 16 years old.  Within 4 years, all of these "good boys" are going to be back on the street.  At this young age, they were already toting a shotgun while committing crimes.  

Keep your eyes open and your powder dry.  These boys will be back.  Will you be ready for them?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

04/20/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

More as the crime wave in Waycross GA rolls in........

Rape in the 800 block of Pendergast Street.  A woman spending the night with a friend awoke in the middle of the night and found a man on top of her.  The woman called her boyfriend who took her to the hospital for an exam.

And yet more drugs.......

Kenneth Clyde Bell, age 23, and Jennie Elaine Rouse, age 22, both from Ben Hill Avenue in Waycross Ga were arrested by Ware County Deputies in a traffic stop.  An alert Ware County Deputy noticed the car being driven by a man that had an outstanding warrant.  When the 2004 Ford was checked, the goodies were found and ther charges started flying.  I think these fine people are now in a little bit of do-do.  Look at these charges:

Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of meth amphetamine, possession of drug related objects, possession of Schedule II drugs not in the original container (Methadone), driving with a suspended licenses, giving a false name, probation violation.  

Allison Katy Spivey, age 19, from 828 Glenmore Street was arrested during a traffic stop and was awarded with the following prizes:  Possession of cocaine, driving with a suspended license, and driving with one headlight.  

Clifton McKinney, age 43, from 1214 Isabella Street has been confirmed to be a member of the Waycross Liberation Squad!  Mr. McKinney has been charged with felony shoplifting (again - again - again - again - again).  Good job Mr. McKinney.  Are you expecting a certificate or wall plaque?

And yet other unknown members of the Waycross GA Liberation Squad have been active!  An air conditioning compressor and hand held blower were liberated from the 1200 block of Gorman Road.  A 1997 Honda Enduro and a 2004 Honda 150cc dirt bike were liberated from West Waring Street, and lawn furniture were liberated from a home on Lamplighter Lane.

Stay tuned!  More to come as the crime wave keeps crashing in.......

Kidnapping in Waycross GA!

Robbery and Kidnapping were on the agenda of two Waycross GA men on Saturday.  David E. Mason, age 52, and Kelly Kenneth Wildes, age 42, both from Acworth Street in Waycross Ga, robbed and kidnapped a man on Morton Avenue near Senate Street.  An alert Waycross detective was in the right place at the right time and saw something going on that was not right.

The Waycross GA detective followed the men, called for backup, and the vehicle was stopped and the victom freed.


More to come as the crime wave in Waycross GA continues.......

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crime Wave Keeps on Rolling In - Waycross GA

The ongoing crime wave in Waycross GA is claiming more victoms.

While evacuated due to the recent floods, residents of the 3300 block of Mill Creek Road were liberated of their possessions.

When one resident returned home Thursday, he found that his 2006 Yamaha four-wheeler atv had been liberated.  At the same residence, the rear door was kicked upen and the Dell computer, Play Station III Nintendo, and several other items were liberated.  

Not to be left out, the next door neighbor had a door broke in and his 32" Toshiba flat screen TV and Nintendo Play Station were liberated.  Crime in this neighborhood rolled in just like the water.....

More thuggery as Trimaine T. Thompkins, age 26, from 306 Butler Street has been charged with the liberation of an X-Box and Jewelry from the break-in in the 1200 block of Oak Street.  Good job Waycross Police Department!

Two little thuggish liberators under the age of 16 have been charged with several incidents of burglary in the city and possibly the county.  Seems that the little hoodlums had several pieces of stolen property in their possession.

In the 900 block of Tebeau Street, someone liberated a bunch of books from a Jaguar auto.

More and more financial fraud and card fraud about town.  Several more cases have been reported.  

Not to be left out, next door Brantley County had an attempted kidnapping as a pervert tried to lure a 14 year old girl into his car.  Dustin Holsinger, age 24, from Hoboken has been charged with simple assault.

In other news from next door Brantley County, lawmen interrupted a huge marijuana growing operation and arrested William Craig Parker, III, age 27, Steven Michael Thomas, age 31, and Matthew Alden Varnum, age 31.  All of these fine examples of human life were from the Brunswick GA and Darien GA area.  Charges of manufacturing of marijuana, possession and use of drug related products, possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon were some of the charges to be enjoyed by all.

Stay tuned!  There's more to come as the news from the weekend will be out soon.

Drugs - Thugs- Fraud.  We'll see more of it as the crime wave keeps washing in.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Convicted Killer in Waycross GA Gets Jail!

Donnie Lee Miller, age 24, from 412 Eads Street was sentenced to 15 years for the aggravated assult of Casey Butts.

Mr. Miller shot Ms. Butts several times in the head, but she survived.

Goodbye and Good Riddance Donnie Lee Miller!

'Script Forging in Waycross GA

Yes indeed, the popularity of Hydrocodone and Chantiz pills has snared another victim.  Ginger Renea Oxford, age 33, from the 3600 block of Swamp Road has been busted for first degree forgery and is now residing in the Ware County Jail.

An alert pharmacist checked on the 'scripts and discovered that they appeared to have been forged.  When Ms. Oxford went to get those little pills, she got a Ware County Deputy instead.

Good job!

Jury Selection Begins May 14 for Jacobs Murder Trial in Waycross GA

Jurors from Tifton GA will be picked on May 14, 2009 for the Betty Jacobs murder trial.  The trial should begin on Monday, May 18, 2009 in Waycross GA.

It appears that Jacobs is going to be pleading that she was the victom of spousal abuse for years and she was defending herself when she shot Doc. Jacobs.  The charges against her are felony murder, malice murder, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.  Mrs. Jacobs has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Perhaps a plea of insanity would have worked for her, but to those that know her, it is said that this defense is not going to fly.

Do you want the needle or the chair Mrs. Jacobs?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ruskin School Vandalized (Again)

Once again, the Ruskin School has been vandalized.  The glass was broken out of the rear door of the cafeteria and the school was vandalized.  The only thing reported missing was postage stamps.

The Ware County Board of Education took action to buy another alarm system in order to beef up security.  

A day late and a dollar short..............

Shotgun Toting Bandits in Waycross GA

Ware County Deputies are seeking 3 men in connection with the break in of Spiers Floor Coverings on Waller Street.  A review of the video shows 3 men wearing dark hooded sweatshirts with one carrying a shotgun.  An employee working after-hours heard someone kicking the back door in and yelled at one of the men and they drove off in a dark colored Oldsmobile.

The crime wave continues..........

Another Suspect Charged in Waycross GA Murder Case

William G. Knowles, age 42, from the 1100 block of Waller Street in Waycross Ga, was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence in the murder case of nathaniel Lee III of Byck Street in Waycross GA. 

Mr. Knowles had removed the illegal drugs from the murder scene.  Imagine that.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

04/13/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

A full weekend was had by all as the crime wave continues in Waycross GA.

Justin Levy Moore, age 28, from 1606 Vernon Street was arrested with loitering, prowling, and obstruction of a police officer.  While City of Waycross police attempted the arrest, someone dropped the taser gun and Leroy Renee O'Hara, age 45, from Walker Street picked the taser up and threw it on top of a nearby roof.  O'Hara was then charged with interference with government property.

Kermit Arlington Morgan, age 23, of Blackshear, was arrested in the 700 block of Knight Avenue after being spotted entering a 2003 Tahoe.

Zytrevis Hakeem Robinson, age 18, from Garlington Circle, has been charged with possession of marijuana, possession of packaging materials for marijuana, and possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of public housing (more drug sales at public housing again!).  Police saw Robinson in the Garlington Heights area, which is an area from which he was banned from going to.  When taken into custody, his little care pack of drugs and supplies was discovered.

Richard Darell Smith Sr., age 46,  was arrested on Mosely Street for a burglary warrant.  Smith was found to be in possession of crack cocaine and drug related objects.

Melvin Deonte Sallet Jr., age 21, og 1207 James Street has been arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.  City of Waycross police got this one at a traffic stop.

The Waycross Liberation Squad had a busy weekend!

A shotgun and change were liberated from the 200 block of Folks Street.  Entry was obtained by breaking a window.

Forgery in the 2200 block of Memorial Drive with bogus travelers checks.  

Members visited a home in the 900 block of Groover Street and liberated a Hi-point .40 caliber handgun.

A rear door was forced open at a home on Frontier Drive, and a dvd/vcr player, diamond cluster dinner ring, portable dvd player and dell  laptop were liberated.

In the 600 block of South Augusta Avenue, a rear window was broken and the building entered.  It has not been determined if anything was stolen.

A home in the 1700 block of Suwannee drive had money and a coin collection liberated, with cereal and coffee poured all over the floor.

A delivery vehicle had a window shattered and then the truck was ransacked and is being investigated.

One of our area liberators, Tony Lamar Crews, age 23, of Blackshear has been arrested and taken into custody after the armed robbery of a convenience store in the 500 block of City Boulevard.  Alert citizens got his tag number and called police.

More to come!  The weekend is only 5 days away.  Stay tuned for the continuing crime wave in Waycross GA.

Donnie Lee Miller Shooting Trial in Waycross GA

Jury selection was to begin today for the trial of Donnie Lee Miller.  Mr. Miller, age 24, from 412 Eads Street is to stand trial for the May 27, 2008 shooting of Casey Butts, age 25, from Waycross.

Mr. Miller is accused of shooting Ms. Butts several times in the head with a handgun at a Chism Street location.

Murder in Waycross GA

Another Waycross GA resident has been murdered.  Nathaniel Lee III, age 20, from the 200 block of Byck Street was shot to death in what appears to be drug related activity.

David Reynolds, age 22, from 1124 Waller Street, Waycross GA and Andrew Jackson Mills, age 24, from Blue Lake Circle in Blackshear GA have been charged with felony murder in the case.  Mr. Mills girlfriend, Samantha Selph, age 24, has also been taken into custody, but has not been charged yet.

The Ware County Sheriff Department continues to investigate.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Burglary and Arson in Waycross GA

A member of the Waycross Liberation Squad has been busy at a business on South Augusta Avenue Thursday evening.  A handgun and other items were taken from the business along with the van keys.  The company van was liberated, driven to East Washington Avenue, and set on fire.

The case is under investigation.

Convenience Store Armed Robbery Case Cracked!

The Ware County Sheriff Department, working with other lawn enforcement agencies, has cracked the case of the armed robberies at convenience stores.  Quinorris Brockington, age 23, from Albany, GA and Melvin Gay Johnson, age 18, of Brunswick GA have been arrested and are in jail.  A Albany GA man was arrested in connection with four armed robberies in Albany and Douglas, and another is being sought.  Ware County Sheriff Royal thinks that all of these may be connected as the investigation goes forward.

Great Job Randy Royal & the Ware County GA Sheriff Department!

Oak Street Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday!

Yes indeed.  Looks like the dope dealers, crack heads, pimps and ho's are going to be swept off of Oak Street in Waycross Ga for a few hours this Sunday in order to have an Easter Egg hunt for the children.

Children will be laughing, playing and having a great time hunting those wonderfully colored eggs.  I'm sure there will be prizes for finding the most eggs too!

How about prizes for who finds the most crack baggies.  How about a prize for who finds the most used needles or crack pipes?  A prize perhaps for the most used condoms (if any are to be found at all.  After all, this is Oak Street!)  Perhaps an extra reward for the child that finds a bag of crack that was dropped when the police drove by?  The list could go on and on......

Where are all of the people that normally loiter on Oak Street going to go during this festival?  Are they going to be the guides and mentors of the little children or are they going to be DROVE OUT OF TOWN???

Hey City of Waycross Commissioners and Police Department!  If you can clean up Oak Street good enough to have an Easter Egg hunt for the children, then you can clean it up once and for all.

Shots Fired in Waycross GA

Warren Hamm, age 26, from 828 Glenmore Avenue was not going to go easy.  When his bail bondsman came to take him into custody, Mr. Hamm started shooting.  

Good thing that Mr. Hamm only owned his gat and never got around to making sure he knew how to use it.  Of the several shots he fired, none hit the bondsman.

How much you want to bet he had that gat turned sideways to complete his thug look too?

Waycross Police arrested Hamm and charged him with aggravated assult.  Just another felony on his life list of accomplishments.

04/09/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

Felton Jerome Kelly, age 22, of 1812 Rhoda Street and Kimberly Rollins Bennett, age 22, of 2531 Albany Avenue were both charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana.  City of Waycross police and the Waycross Police Department Drug Team executed a search warrant at 1812 Rhoda Street and took them into custody.

Tawanda L. McCaskey, age 26, of 138 Clinton Drive in Homerville GA was charged with 12 counts of financial transaction card fraud and is now in the Ware County Jail.

More members of the Waycross Liberation Squad were busy again, liberating an X-Box Play Station, games, and controllers from a home in the 1000 block of Waller Street, and a Verizon cell phone was liberated from a 2002 Nissan car parked in the 5000 block of Shady Lane.

Hang on to your wallets and lock up the wimmen and children.  It's a full moon and the weekend is almost here.  The animals will be very restless.....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

04/08/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

More fun and games in the City of Waycross Again!

Jermaine Lee, age 22, of Ware Manor Apartments at 500 Walnut Street was arrested after City of Waycross Police responded to a fight in progress with pistol shots being fired.  No one was hit by the gunshots.  It's a good thing these wanna' be gangsters with their gats don't target practice!

Curtis William Moore III, age 58, of 1008 1/2 Glosson Street was made after a hand to hand narcotics transaction was observed by an undercover officer.  His vehicle was stopped and police found the Hydrocodone Schedule III drugs and money that were confiscated.

Members of the Waycross Liberation Squad have been busy again.  A roll of chain link fence and a Little Beaver gas auger were liberated from a business in the 1500 block of Albany Avenue.  A yellow tote bag and several items were liberated from a business in a parking lot at the Ware County Industrial Park.  A 2006 Dodge Charger parked in the 1200 block of Shawnee Drive had a GPS navatation system liberated, and a liberation attempt was foiled by an alarm system in the 1100 block of Albany Avenue.  A window was pushed open and the front door unlocked, but nothing appeared to be missing.  Better luck next time!

Till next time, watch out for more fun and frolics and the on-going crime wave in the City of Waycross GA!

Car Chase in Waycross GA

Garrett Beaty, age 36, of Waycross GA was charged with aggravated assult, fleeing and attempting to elude police, driving with a suspended license, driving a car without insurance, operating a vehicle without a valid license and a seatbelt violation.

After being pulled by Ware County Deputies, Beaty took off and lead police on a car chase.  The Georgia State Patrol was called in and they spun him out and arrested him.

Better than the Saturday Night Races!

Waycross GA City Commission Pledges to Help Save "The Lakes" Golf Course

Yes indeed, our wonderful city commissioners are ready and poised to spend more of those never-ending taxpayer dollars!

The State of GA is not going to continue to fund the "The Lakes" Golf Course, so our city is ready to step in.


You don't keep pouring taxpayer money into a money pit that does not pay for itself.  We're doing that already with the city commission.

Get a grip, get a life, and QUIT SPENDING MONEY WE DON'T HAVE!

04/07/09 Drunks in Waycross GA

Joseph Wesley Sills of 4795 Telmore Dixie Union Road, Waycross GA pleaded guilty to his second offense of DUI within 5 years.  12 months probation, $1501.00 fine, 3 days in jail, and 240 hours of community service.  Mr. Sills also had to pay $25.00 to get his picture in the paper.

Donald E. Steedley, Jr. of 2365 Harvey Thrift Road, Waycross GA pleaded guilty to his second offense of DUI within 5 years.  12 months probation, $1501.00 fine, 3 days in jail, and 240 hours of community service.  Mr. Steedley also had to pay $25.00 to get his picture in the paper.

Monday, April 6, 2009

04/06/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

Members of the Waycross GA Liberation Squad were busy over the weekend liberating items around and about town.

Several rolls of carpet and sheetrock were liberated from the 800 block of Reed Street.  A window a/c unit was liberated from a home in the 400 block of Pine Cone Street (while the victom was in JAIL!). 3 laptop computers were liberated from an office in the 300 block of Plant Avenue.

James Timothy Sellers, age 51, was charged with possession of crack cocaine and driving under the influence in the 1800 block of Knight Avenue

More fun to come!

Meth Lab Raided!

Ware County Deputies conducted a pre-dawn raid in the 4200 block of the Manor-Millwood Road in Manor Ga on Saturday Morning while looking for an escaped prisoner.

Arrested were James Harold Gary Jr., age 28, Brittany Elisabeth Enfinger, age 18, and Marlyon Scott Steedly.  

The assortment of charges include: escape, manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine with inteht to distribute, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, hindering the apprehension of a criminal, possession of Schedule III drugs.

GBI and DEA were called in to clean up the mess and press more charges.

Jacobs Murder Trail To Be Held in Waycross GA

After much awaited discussion, the murder trial of Waycross GA resident Betty Jacobs, will be held in Waycross GA.  A request for change of venue was not granted, however jurors from Tifton GA will be imported to Waycross GA to hear the trial.

Mrs. Jacobs was charged on August 24, 2007 with the murder of her husband, Dr. Davis Jacobs, at his eye clinic office.

Friday, April 3, 2009

04/03/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

Members of the Waycross Liberation Squad were busy over the past few days.  Rings, necklaces, a tool box with tools and a 27" tv were liberated from the 5200 block of Alma Highway.  Meds, a wallet, an money were liberated from a 2007 Honda in the 700 block of Riverside Drive.  A vehicle was liberated from the 400 block of Columbus Street.  Financial foolishness on a debit card from a dead person going on in the 1500 block of Carswell Avenue.

Here comes welfare weekend!!!  Everybody should have their money now, so here comes the bull!

Waycross Copper Thief Suspect Arrested!

Waycross Police Department and Ware County Sheriff Department arrested Willie James Moore, Jr., age 48.  Moore was known to law enforcement and was spotted on Albany Avenue between two businesses (probably on the way to the recyle center on Garlington Ave.).  When taken into custody, deputies found a fresh, shiny batch of copper wire which had been stolen from a building on McDonald Street.

Mr. Moore was charged with burglary, possession of tools for the commission of burglary, theft by receiving stolen property, and probation violations.

Some countries cut off your hands when you steal.  Think we could do that here?

Shutdown Crack House!

April 2, 2009 - Waycross Journal-Herald 

"Our Readers Say" (letters to the editor)

Shutdown Crack House

Ray Williamson Jr. is tired of the crack house at 915 Elizabeth Street, a.k.a. "The Horseshoe".  He has complained to the Waycross Police Department and they say if they receive one more complaint about the Horseshoe, they would respond by shutting its operation down.

Good luck Ray!  The Horseshoe has been crack central for YEARS in the City of Waycross.  The City of Waycross Police Department have been pulling the crack-heads out of there on a regular basis, but there are always more to fill up the vacancy.  You've got to admit that it's a great location.  Close to the park, close to the church, close to the Flash Foods convenience store where you can buy everything needed for crack smoking (except crack).

Give these guys a break.  The only thing they do is smoke crack, hang out on the porch and in the street, and drink malt liquor.  They are not doing anything like destroying property values and running more productive people out of the City of Waycross are they???  

Look at the positive economic impact these guys/girls have in the City of Waycross.  They do the following good for the city:

1.  Commit crimes which means more law enforcement.  That means more employees for the City of Waycross, more taxation of the few remaining subjects of Waycross, more "spread the wealth around".

2.  Commit crimes which means more business for pawn shops.  Nothing better than being able to find a good, used weed-eater that was liberated at a price that's dirt cheap.  This also helps Walmart and Lowes, because they get to sell you a new one when yours has been liberated.  More "spread the wealth around".

3.  Commit crimes by stealing wiring and plumbing from houses and buildings.  They can get $10.00 for copper at the recycling center on Garlington Avenue that will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars to replace.  Everybody wins!  The crack-heads get more crack, the recycling center gets more business, the building supply stores get more business, and the contractors get more business.  It's a winning deal for all!  More "spread the wealth around".  It's surely a good thing?

4.  Big Fancy Cars!!!  Yes indeed.  Without that crack trade, how are we going to have those $50,000.00 cars with the big flashy wheels, the boom boxes that rattle your teeth, and the paint jobs that only a select type of person would have.  

Plenty of money to go to everybody.  Follow along with me:  Crack-head steals (spreads the wealth around), spends money with drug dealer (spreads the wealth around), drug dealer spends millions of dollars on their ride (while not paying their rent) (spreads the wealth around), and trashes neighborhoods with their products.  This keeps the City of Waycross busy, with the Police Department having fun and games, the Code Department having to have more enforcement on the few remaining subjects, and the prison work crews picking up the trash.

Do you ever wonder why these guys take $500.00 cars and spend $50,000.00 on them?  Hint - the Cadillac dealer doesn't take CASH. 

Just another day of Drugs and Thugs in the City of Waycross.  And our leaders wonder why all the good people leave........

Shots Fired at Officer - Waycross GA

Shots were fired at a bond enforcement officer in the 800 block of Glenmore Avenue on Wednesday.  While being taken into custody, the criminal fired shots at the officer and ran away.  The officer was not hit and police are pursuing the man.  At this time, he has not been arrested.

Perhaps we should have shot back?  Would have saved the taxpayers some serious coin!

04/02/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

Farris Patterson, age 20, of 1121 Mosley Street was arrested during a traffic stop at Nunn Street near New Street.  He was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of a controlled substance within 1000 feet of a park, and obstruction of a police officer.

The Waycross Liberation Squad has been active again.  We have a clarinet liberated from the 700 block of Victory Drive,  an X-Box, games and jewelry liberated from the 1200 block of Oak Street, and a Play Ststion, controls, and accessories for the computer game liberated from its home on Dasher Street.

The weekend is almost here!  Everybody has got their check, so it should be a romping good time in the city.  Should be plenty of drugs, thugs, drunks, and others having one big party this weekend!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

04/01/09 Drugs and Thugs Waycross GA

Jorday Stewart Adams, age 31, was arrested by Ware County lawmen.  Seems that Mr. Adams was a jail escapee from Anderson Indiana that has been living in Waycross for 6 years under another persons name.  Mr. Adams was caught after stealing a lawnmower on Creswell Street.  He has a criminal record in Georgia, Florida and Kentucky also.  Goodbye and good riddance!

Glenderica Nicole McElroy, age 17, and Ansley Michelle Smith, age 18, of 902 Richmond Avenue, were arrested by Waycross police and charged with felony shoplifting.  Seems that these gals had taken a patio set from a business in the 1600 block of Memorial Drive.  McElroy was also charged with seatbelt violation, child restraint violation, no license on her person, improper equipment, and giving a false name.  Smith was also found to be wanted in another jurisdiction.

Carnelius Curtis, age 17, of 946 I Street has been charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of a controlled substance witnin 1000 feet of public housing, underage drinking and criminal trespass.

More fun and frolics to come soon!  Everyone will be getting their check Friday!!!