Friday, December 4, 2009

Memorial Stadium - A Field of Dreams in Waycross GA

Memorial Stadium.

Waycross GA.

Former home of minor league baseball. Former home of many of the greats of baseball fame.

Former home of Pee-Wee & Midget football games.

Former home of the famous All Night Gospel Sing.

Former home of........ and the list goes on.

Call me old fashioned if you wish. I know of the days when Waycross GA & Memorial Stadium were home for the things above and more.

What's happened in the last few years?

The City of Waycross no longer owns the crown jewel of the city. Memorial Stadium is the crown jewel in South Georgia, but the jewel no longer shines.

In yet another one of the "deals" from our city leaders, the Memorial Stadium was swapped, sold, or whatever to the Ware County Board of Education. Memorial Stadium now can boast of a few football games a year.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Where's the glory of Memorial Stadium past? It, along with most of the rest of historic Waycross GA, is gone. The glory is gone, and will not be returned.

The most amusing thing that we have heard is that we can't have any other events in Memorial Stadium because the Ware County Board of Education doesn't want the grass damaged.

Now I must admit, that grass has a very high place of importance on my list. Grass ranks right up there with mosquitos, sand gnats, and crack heads stealing weedeaters.

Take a trip 70 miles south to Jacksonville Florida and watch the venues change within hours. We can have basketball going on today, mud bogging the next, PBR bull riding the next day, followed by motorcross, rock concerts, and more.

All the while, we have thousands of empty seats in Waycross GA sitting empty, with the lights turned off.

Where there is a will, there is a way. It just appears that the will to find the way is not available in Waycross.

Here's a radical thought for you.....

Let's start having Waycross become the leader in entertainment and events in South Georgia. Brunswick does it. Jesup does it. Valdosta does it. But not Waycross.

The most radical thought coming from the City of Waycross is joining the Okefenokee Area Developement Authority, without knowing what is's going to cost us. But wait, that is pretty radical. Joining an organization that has been tainted with scandal without knowing the cost. Maybe the City of Waycross GA Commissioners are radical after all. Perhaps embracing the OADA was in order to tap into the liquor that was being purchased with OADA/taxpayer funds. Sweet!

How about the City of Waycross get the Memorial Stadium back. How about we get some big names to come to town to put on a rock concert, rodeo, gospel sing, a motorcross event, or anything that would bring prosperity to our city.

We could even sell beer! (Don't laugh commissioners. Beer is selling for $7.00 per bottle at events. Look at the profit margins!)

But once again, it's not going to happen. My thoughts are nothing more than an empty field of dreams.

Waycross GA. No vision. No dreams.

Just a fancy new logo pointing the way for people to flee the city......


  1. Talking to a local shop owner, it seems that memorial stadium wasn't the only place that used to be "happenening." Imagine a downtown Waycross that is hosting a NEW MOVIE PREMIER!

    I have heard it has happened in the past...


    Speaking of beer, lemme buy you one!

  2. I agree. This town needs money. The stadium is a wonderful way to bring some in. Now if only they would listen to the people who pay their salaries. :)