Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who's Thirsty in Waycross GA?

Actually, the title should be "WHO'S THIRSTY", because this not only effects Waycross GA, it effects the surrounding area, the Satilla River, the Atlantic Ocean, and people across the world.

So, gather around children, bring your drinking cups, and let's go the the old Tebeau Canal that runs thru Mary Street Park, along with much of downtown Waycross GA and the surrounding area.

Dip in!

But........  perhaps you're not thirsty.

Perhaps you're hungry for some good ole' South GA FISHING in the canal!

Even you haters got to know that there's nothing better than fresh fish, right from the canal into the frying pan!

So come one, come all!

Everyone is telling us that it's safe.

Come on down and get you some!

Old Fart and Company welcome each and every one of you to enjoy the natural beauty of our water and the rewards that are contained in it.

Waycross - Clean Water in Every Direction.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Animal Control (or lack thereof) in Waycross GA?

A follower of the Waycross GA Blog sent an email requesting help or information on what to do about stray animals.  What do you think about the story, the response from public employees, and what should this person do?  The email follows (minor editing was done, including removal of name and phone #):

Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

My name is ****** and I live in Ware County. A stray dog found his way to my back door and me being a former vet tech looked him over and found that he had a shoe string around his neck twice, and it was embedded in his hair.

I also found that he was dehydrated and had matted hair so bad that he has many hot spots on his skin. He was wet and very dirty.

I took him in yesterday and cleaned him up as best as I could and took him to the humane society today only to be told by them they can't take him and for me to call animal control.

I called animal control in Ware and they told me that they were moving and they can't help till Wednesday.

I told them I can't keep this dog and he needs to see a vet. They told me again they can't do anything till Wednesday, and if the humane society was full they can't do anything at all anyway.

So I asked again what do I do with this dog, I'm trying to do the right thing and I can't keep this dog, do I put him back in my yard and let him go?

They then told me if i do that they were going to put me in jail for animal abandonment. Then because I got mad and said I was going to call the press and go down to city hall, he said he can throw me in jail on other charges.

I need help.  The laws for animals and the humane society need to change.. If you can help please call me at 912-***_****.  Thank you, *******.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Waycross GA - Toxins & Poison in Every Direction?

That is the burning question that is going in Waycross GA.

Is the City of Waycross GA full of toxins and poisons?

There is a very good presentation from Waycross resident Joan McNeal concerning the Seven Out site located in Waycross that all of our residents need to view and review.  Please go to this website and do your research:

Seven Out EPA Superfund Site in Waycross GA

You can also find a news story by clicking HERE from First Cost News.

Another good website to read can be found from Silent Disaster, which can be found by clicking HERE.

Yet another good read can be found from USA Today by clicking HERE that covers the seemingly high cancer rate in the Ruskin School area.

The official USA EPA site concerning the Seven Out Facility can be found by clicking   HERE.

Let's go over some of the conversation that is being discussed about Waycross GA and the Seven Out facility:

1.  The City of Waycross GA has 10 employees with cancer, 8 of which have died.

2.  A local business has a basement that appears to be contaminated with hazardous waste.

3.  Hazardous waste appears to be coming out from under houses, sidewalks, etc. in the area around the Seven Out facility.

4.  Hazardous waste appears to be in the creek (Tebeau Creek) that runs thru Mary Street Park.

5.  The "containment walls" at the Seven Out facility have overflowed during all of the rains, forcing the water/chemicals into the storm drains and into the canal.

6.  Solid hazardous waste appears to have left no paper trail as it was removed from the Seven Out facility, with speculation that much of it went to the Broadhurst Landfill.

7.  No apparent action from the City of Waycross to protect our citizens, environment and community.

8.  No coverage from our local media (That's YOU Roger & Jack)

Please take time to read the websites, and if you feel bold enough, go to Mary Street Park in downtown Waycross and look at the area for yourself.  Ride by the Seven Out Facility and see what the City of Waycross GA was left when when the facility closed and ask yourself a few questions:

Why are the City of Waycross Commissioners NOT raising Holy Hell to get this problem cleaned up?

Why does there appear to be a media cover-up concerning the hazardous waste?

Why does there appear to be a media cover-up concerning the abnormal high cancer rates and clusters?

Why people, why?

Do your homework, do your research, and if you come to the same conclusion that many of us have concluded, get off your ass and down to the Waycross GA City Hall.

Do not be deterred.

Let your voice be heard by our "elected officials" (certainly not LEADERS!), and if they don't listen, then let's either boot their A$$ out of office or start a recall drive to get them out immediately.

It's time for action.

Waycross GA - Pollution, Hazardous Waste, and Cancer in Every Direction???

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back in the News - Marian Solomon Gaines of Waycross GA

According to an August 20, 2013 news story in the Waycross Journal-Herald, City Commissioner, Bearkeeper, and Political Police Chief has stated that she was promised that a traffic light would be installed in the area of Waycross at Garlington Heights in exchange for her vote in favor of the Waycross GA bypass highway.

Solomon would not however, name the person that "promised" the traffic light in exchange for her because the person that offered the incentive was in the room.  (Narrows down the list of suspects doesn't it!)

Curious minds want to know:

Is this backscratching?

Is this bribery?

Or.......  is this typical Marian Gaines at her loudmouth, obnoxious best?

It's time for an investigation in our wonderful "City of Ethics" to make sure that our very own are acting ethical.

Our options appear to be limited to only 2 at this time:

1.  MSG identifies who offered her the alleged "bribe" or whatever else you want to call it.


2.  MSG just needs to shut the hell up and just say that she wanted to feel important.

Where's the GBI?

Where's our City Manager?

Call them in Deron.

Need We Say More?

Waycross - "City of Ethics"?

08/21/2013 Waycross GA - Back to the Blog!

Hello Waycross, Ware County, Georgia, all of  the United States of America and countries around the world.

As you continue to request the latest and greatest, the most high and the most low, your emails and requests to the Profit Old Fart have not gone without notice.

Due to my declining health, I chose to take some time away from the blog to improve my physical status in life, and your support has been much coveted and appreciated.  I'm still not at 100% and will never be again, but life goes on and the Waycross GA Blog will continue to go on as well.

And now............

It's time to get back to business!

You won't find a new blog post every day, but we will get you caught back up on the news and our views, the crime wave that continues to crash in on Waycross GA, the pimps, the ho's, the politicians (oops---  repeated myself there!), the most famous Waycross GA beatdowns, the drugs, the thugs, the worthless predators of children (who are the most low life pieces of shit know to the world), and more.

We have about 9 months of monkeyshines to catch up on, and believe you me.....


So to all of you that never received your 5 minutes of fame in the light of day that the Waycross GA Blog shines upon you, let not your heart be troubled.  The sun will be shining down on you soon.

To you politicians out there, we already know that you're not going to be happy.

Get over it and do what's right for the benefit of ALL members of our community.

See you later this evening.  Let's get it on!